Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A - Z Reading Challenge Jan 1, 2008-Dec 31, 2008

READ 24 (required) - COMPLETED - 10/31/08A-Aunt Dimity Digs In; Atherton - 4/5
B Bread Alone; Hendricks - 5/5
C-Chosen By A Horse; Richards - 5/5
D- he Dogs Who Found Me; Ken Foster - 3/5
E-The Effects of Light; Whittenmore - 3/5
F-Fingersmith; Waters - 4.5/5
G-Guilty; Robards
H-Hold Tight; Coben
I-Island Life; Sherer - 4/5
J-Jane Austen in Bocal Cohen - 4/5
K-Kabul Beauty School; Rodriguez- 4/5
L-Last Lecture; Paush-5/5
M-Molaka'i' Brennert- 5/5
N-Nice To Come Home To; Flowers-4.5/5
O-Oxygen; Cassella-5/5
P-Picture Perfect; Picoult-3/5
Q-Quiet Please: Dispatches Frm a Public Library; Douglas-4/5
R-Red Leather Diary; Koppel - 4/5
S-Say Goodbye; Gardner-5/5
T-Testimony; Shreve-5/5
U-Unaccustomed Earth; Lahari - 5/5
V-Virgin River-5/5
W-Why Men Die First; Legato-4.5/5
Z-Zookeeper's Wife; Ackerman-4/5

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