Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Ramblings ~ a few facts about me

Today, Mari posted a few interesting tidbits about herself and encouraged others to do the same, so since I am behind on my book reviews, I thought I would share some random minutia about myself.

About me

I grew up in: Massachusetts, and have only lived in MA and RI. I was born during the years when I Love Lucy debuted and was all the rage. I still love the reruns.

Childhood memory:  At my 3rd birthday party, my (2) brothers, who were 9 and 11 years older than me, got into a pushing fight and one pushed the other aganist a kitchen window, breaking the glass.

Bullies: I had a mean best friend from grades 1- 5. Time spent at the bus stop before and after school was especially painful. I finally got enough courage to dump her and find a new best friend.

Teen years: That was a long time ago considering I graduated from high school in the early 70's, but I would say my teen years were average. I went to basketball, hockey and football games with friends, a few parties (but I was really not a party girl). I adored a high school English teacher that I was lucky enough to have two years in a row. My first marriage was at the young age of 19.5 years old, not because we had to get married, but because I wanted a home of my own more than college at the time. (2) children and a college degree came later.

Favorite color: Blue, but actually I like so many colors, except pea green and mustard color.

Travel: France, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas (2x) and Aruba (10x). I've also visited about 30 US states. 

Regrets:  I only wish that I had learned to enjoy exercise at an early age. Sadly, I hated PE all through school, and have struggled with exercise, seeing it as being an unpleasant thing ever since.

Future plans:  I'm hoping I can enjoy continued good health, retire at age 62, spend more time with my children, travel a bit and just read all of those books I've hoarded over the years.

What don't I know about you that you'd like to share?
Please leave a comment with at least one fun fact about you!


  1. My favorite color is green but I like blue and red also. I love trees but also paper books. lol I am a conservative but also an environmentalist. :)

  2. I've liked reading these 'rambling', Diane - a great way for people to learn a little about who you are. I found your comment about bullies particularly interesting and poignant. So often the at happens, doesn't it? We seem to get stuck on someone whose only role in our lives is to damage us. Strange things, humans.

  3. I love the potato chip bag in that second photo. Not Lays or Ruffles or any other of a million different brands. Just Potato Chips.

  4. Ugh.

    I'm not having a good day on comments here on the Sunday Salon. Had a long funny comment, but then lost it.

    I'm with you on the pea green and mustard color...although I do like peas and mustard, just not together. Ewwww. ;)

  5. Ugh.

    Maybe the third time's a charm. Having a difficult time commenting today on different places at The Sunday Salon.

    I'm with you in that I don't like pea green and mustard color. I do like peas and mustard, but not together. Ewww. ;)

  6. I love both pea green and mustard colors! :) I can't stand pale pastels, so buying clothes in the spring can be challenging.

    I didn't like PE either until I got to high school and got to take individual sports. I really stink at team sports (especially football, which they made us play in junior high). I loved table tennis, badminton and archery though. I don't know how much they helped my physical fitness, but they were so much fun.

  7. Very cool entry. I do really like learning personal stuff about the bloggers that I follow

  8. I like reading fun facts about other bloggers. Your childhood facts were especially interesting.

    When you mentioned the mean girl, that took me back to a best friend I had all through school, who suddenly, along with another friend we had acquired in high school, decided to play a mean trick on me.

    It took awhile before I could trust her again, but eventually we were best friends again.

    I was a bookworm from the time I could read, and soon started writing, as well.

    I attended elementary and high school in a really small farming community, so everyone knew each other.

    I couldn't wait to get away to the big city, and moved to SF in the early sixties.

    Yes, I shared more than one fact! LOL

  9. I got married at 19.5 too, not because we had to but because my parents made a move across the country and we did not want to live together until I graduated from college. Still happily married.

    My friends hate me because I like to exercise. I just wish my body showed it better. ;o)

  10. At one time, mustard was my favorite color. I loved pairing it with French blue.
    I was an extra in a movie when they filmed in my hometown. That's a fun fact about me today.

  11. I like reading fun facts about my favorite bloggers. Thanks for sharing all that with us!
    I had a mean best friend too. Unlike you, I never got the courage to dump her because I worshiped her :(
    I hope all your future plans work out.

  12. I enjoyed reading about you, those were fun facts!

  13. Thanks for sharing with us. I love that photo of you!!!

  14. I love this post! And may have to steal this idea. That is if you don't mind. Fab.

  15. I had a mean best friend for years as well, and it was really damaging to my self-esteem. When I finally lost track of her, my life changed a heck of a lot! I can totally relate to your struggle with this!

  16. We must be about the same age! I still love Lucy too!

  17. What a great post! I grew up watching I Love Lucy too and can almost speak the dialogue of all the episodes from heart! I also enjoyed sneaking over a friends house and watching Dark Shadows which wasn't allowed in my house! :-)

  18. I loved this, Diane! You little pixie haircut in the picture is adorable, along with the icing on your face!! LOL

    I was very, very shy as a kid. It was hard for me to even have a best friend. Don't think I did until 5th grade or so. And, I'm with you about the exercise. I hated it all my life and now that need to be active desperately, I still struggle with finding things I can enjoy.

  19. What a great post! I loved reading it. I Love Lucy still is one of my favorite shows to watch.

  20. These facts were so much fun to read! I also hated PE when I was in school. I'm trying to learn to love exercise now. I hope I get there.

  21. This was so fun learning more about you. It is interesting how a random collection of facts and memories can help a person come into focus more! Hope you share some more!

  22. Love all the info! Thank you. I had a mean best friend, too..but only for about 6 months because she started beating me up!

    It's awesome that you got your college degree after getting married and having kids, that's tough to do,

    It's wonderful that you've traveled a lof and have seen so much of the USA!

    Have a good week!

  23. I was a cheerleader the full four years of high school and loved every minute of it. And I wasn't the stereotypical 'mean' cheerleader...I was nice to everyone. Some of the others, not so much. I also lump regrets in this category because I was very physically fit in high school and very into fitness. Then, school ended and I got lazy and started hating exercise. I wish I would have stuck with it. I probably wouldn't be 100+ pounds overweight now if I would have. =O(

    My future plans are to become a published author and to get my sons through school and into college.

    Loved your answers. It was fun learning more about you. =O)

  24. Love learning more about you, Diane! I had a mean best friend, too, what is up with that?! I kept thinking if I was nice, she would change. Sadly, she didn't. She's still a miserable person, with a miserable life, but I'm not subject to it anymore. I love old reruns, too, when tv was fun to watch. ;)

  25. That was such a wonderful post! I've never watched I Love Lucy but have heard plenty about it.

  26. I hate to exercise to - mainly because my years of PE were such miserable years...

  27. Great post--it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog!

    You are more adventurous than me--I have lived in but one state my entire life, Colorado.

  28. I've been to many Carribean islands via cruises and directly, but have yet to get to Aruba. Based on your revisits I assume I'm missing a great place. Oh well maybe someday.

    Thanks for sharing -- I enjoy reading about other blogger friends.

  29. Great post Diane! It's great to learn more about each other.

    For my 10th birthday, my mother was in the hospital and we had my bday party there (depressing). One of my brother's friend gave me a case of SLIME. Do you remember that green goo? He's also the boy who put a dead bat in my bed!!

    I may need to write the 10 things Kurt did to me - HA!

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Great post Diane! I love the picture of your birthday party. I almost got married at 19 as well. Most of the plans were in place and I backed out. I'm thankful now that I did.

  31. Thanks for sharing. That picture is so cute.
    My tidbit -I love looking at childhood pictures of people I know. So that picture is so perfect.

  32. Completely jealous of all of your travels. Lucky lady. Your regret is very minor in comparison to what it could be. Thankfully.

  33. I feel like I've done a fair amount of US travel but have never been to MA or RI, but I want to visit someday!

  34. I love color. I literally have 2 white walls (hallways) in my entire house. All of the rest are colorful.

    I love to travel, especially abroad, but have never been any place 10x.

    I never liked PE in school either and still wish I liked exercise more. I just can't seem to make it a habit.


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