Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day
 A special day to honor those whose lives of all who were lost fighting for our country and our freedom.

Yesterday we visited (3) different cemeteries to place flowers on the graves of loved ones who have passed away. It was so beautiful to see all of the brand new, American flags that have been placed at the graves of those who have served in the armed Services.  Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?
It's been a gorgeous weekend weather-wise and so nice to have 3 days off from work. We got to spend some time with the little ones (next one is due in 4 weeks). We felt young, blowing bubbles, kicking balls outdoors and watching some Curious George as well.
Fun in the Sun Photos
(4.5 weeks old here)

Big Sister
(age 2)
I received several new books over the last few weeks that I can't wait to try. 


  1. Great photos of the little ones! We will always remember our heros, today and every single day.

  2. That's a nice Memorial Day tradition. And how fun to spend the weekend with the little ones. Cute pics!

    Hope you enjoy all your new books. China Dolls and The Book of Unknown Americans are two I'm eager to read.

  3. The little ones are so cute! Looks like they will have some good reading too.

    I'm still waiting for my copy of China Dolls - can't wait to listen to that one.

  4. Enjoy your weekend and your little ones! The Edward Hopper book looks interesting!

  5. Adorable grandchildren! Enjoy them...if you blink, they'll be teenagers! LOL

    I loved The Book of You...a very eerie, chilling read. Hope you do, too.

    Have a great holiday...and here's

  6. What joy those grandkids must bring you! Happy Holidays!

  7. Very cute photos. Looks like you have some good books. Enjoy!

  8. Adorable photos.

    ENJOY your new books and your reading week. Looks like some good ones.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  9. lovely lovely photos and we remember.......

  10. Hi Diane, your Little Ones are adorable! A very special time to be with them I know. A very special day today. We are spending ours quietly but this time next week a great adventure begins. Have a wonderful day my friend and thank you so much for all these wonderful book reviews.

  11. Hi Diane,

    We too have a long weekend, here in the UK, although our own 'Remembrance Day' falls in November and this extra long weekend is to celebrate the Spring Bank Holiday and welcome in the start of Summer, with it always falling on the last Monday in May, regardless of the date.

    I have seen 'All The Light We Cannot See', on several blogs this week and was tempted to succumb and add it to my own list. That is until I checked out 'The Book Of You', which wasn't at all what I was expecting and sounds absolutely riveting, an absolute must for my list.

    Your family pictures are lovely and such great memories.

    Enjoy your family and of course, your books and have a great week,


  12. Happy Memorial Day! You got some great books this week - I need to check them out.

  13. What fun to relax with your little ones. I would love to read that Edward Hopper book.

  14. No Armchair BEA for you today? Lovely photos! We have been having family time this weekend, too, with all 3 kids home for a visit. Only one left who has Tuesday off, too, for a four-day weekend!

  15. It sounds like you're enjoying the long holiday weekend very much - the kids are so cute! I've seen some glowing reviews of All the Light We Cannot See and will be curious to see what you think.

  16. What adorable little ones :-) I see a Peppa Pig book - she's a favorite when granddaughter Grace is at our house. It's the one kids show I actually enjoy. Your other books look wonderful.

  17. What a nice Memorial Day tradition - and it sounds as though you had a wonderful weekend, too! Your little ones are adorable!

  18. I'm glad you had a good weekend. You two grand babies are sure cute.

  19. Beautiful babies! Glad you ahd a blessed and youthful weekend :)

  20. The girls are just precious!! And congrats on number three coming soon. How wonderful!

  21. Love the baby pics! More please! I also wanted to ask if you know about this?
    Red Sox clothes for little ones! I've already shopped there. :<))


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