Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bear is Not Tired; Ciara Gavin

Bear is Not Tired; Ciara Gavin
A.A. Knopf  - 2016

Bear is Not Tired is an adorable book about blended families and accepting the differences of others.

In this story Bear and the Duck family live together as one happy family, doing lots of things together.  As winter approached the ducks went along with most of their normal activities, while Bear grew sleepy because bears sleep the winter away.  Not wanting to miss anything Bear tried to remain awake but, kept dozing off.  Mama duck assured Bear that he wouldn't miss much and so he reluctantly agrees to go to sleep. The rest of the family stays close by while he sleeps away the winter.    When spring arrives Bear awakes well rested and the ducks show him of photo album of what they did while he slept the winter away.

The illustrations are so soft looking and lovely and Bear is very cuddly looking.  It was nice to read a story that celebrates differences and takes a look at blended families in the animal kingdom.

4.5/5 stars


  1. That is a real sweet story Diane and I too love the illustrations. A book I would buy for little ones. Thanks for the great review. Happy weekend :)

  2. What an adorable book, and I love the illustrations. My grandson would love this!!

  3. Gage and I are reading through an older book with lots of stories about going to bed and there's not much learning there either :) I'm hoping to get through it in the next few days so we can give it away!


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