Sunday, March 25, 2018

White Houses; Amy Bloom and The Perfect Neighbors; Sarah Pekkanen

(2) quick eGalley reviews:

The Perfect Neighbors; Sarah Pekkanen
Washington Square Press - 2016 

The Perfect Neighbors, takes place in the lovely tree lined, neighborhood of Newport Cove, known as a great place to raise a family and a place to really get to know your neighbors.  Social gatherings and even a public list serve where neighbors are kept up to date on events, unneighborly happenings and other random posts.  Of course like most neighborhoods and families there is drama and secrets that they individuals hope to keep quiet, most of which are revealed as the story progresses.

I found this to be a light, beachy type read which might have been even a bit more fun if there was more of a mystery to it.  I will admit, the list serve posts were super entertaining, and overall, made for a fun read.

Rating 3.5/5 stars

White Houses; Amy Bloom
Random House - 2018

Amy Bloom's White Houses is a fictionalized account of the FDR White House years. The story begins in 1945 just after FDR's death and moves back and forth in time.  We learn of FDR's affair with his secretary, Missy but surprisingly, very little about his relationship with his own wife, Eleanor. Instead focusing more on the, previously reported, romantic relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Associated Press journalist, Lorena Hickok (Hick), when the two women met in 1932 while Hick was covering White House news.  

The story is told by Hick and the reader learns much about her poor childhood in South Dakota, and her dysfunctional childhood and her abusive father, We also get insight into her White House days as one of the first female journalists to have such a high profile job. Details are shared about her friendship and genuine love for Eleanor.  

I found the book to be a quick read, the writing often humorous, but at times it also fell a bit trashy, which was disappointing as I loved, the in depth NF story Eleanor and Hick by Susan Quinn.

Rating 3.5/5


  1. I listened to White Houses and thought it was good not great. Even though Hick narrated it, I never felt like I got to "know" her if you know what I mean.

  2. I read only one book by Pekkanen and liked it. Have not read this one though.

  3. Darn, we could use some perfect neighbors too. Too bad both books were just so-so.

  4. Liked your reviews. Both books new to me.

  5. I read Perfect Neighbors last year and agree with your thoughts. It was fun and I have read a couple of other books by Sarah Pekkanen since that time. Think yours is the first review I've read of White Houses. The story about Eleanor and Hick seems very popular right now.

  6. There's a few novels out these days about Eleanor and Hick. Quite a popular topic. I didn't know of them before. thx for the reviews.

  7. Interesting reviews Diane. Have a great week.

  8. I still need to read Eleanor and Hick, then we'll see how I feel about starting White Houses.

  9. 3.5/5 means I don't have to read it!

  10. I plan to read White Houses. I have loved all the books I have read by Amy Bloom. I hope she doesn't disappoint me this time.

  11. Both sounds good, thanks for sharing your thoughts on them.


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