Saturday, February 19, 2022

Children's Book Review - Love; Robert Sabuda

 Love; Robert Sabuda
Candlewick Press - 2021

I've long been a fan of Robert Sabuda's Pop-Up books and have gifted many different ones in the past as well.  His 2021 release - LOVE was a real gem.

Each page begins with...I Love you and includes a 3-D pop up image

I Love you...

   and I always will

I Love You...

   and will keep you safe

I Love you

   and will encourage you to do great things

I Love you...

   exactly as you are

I Love you...

   and will share everything with you

And most of all, I love you...


This book is targeted for ages 5-8 but, come on, it also is a keeper for book lovers my age. This is one of those lovely books that would make a great gift not only for Valentine's Day but, as a gift to new moms, for Mother's Day or for the special someone in your life anytime.

(This book was sent to me by Candlewick Press in exchange for my unbiased review.)

(5 of the 6  images from this book)


  1. We could all use a few more affirmations of love in our life, not only the 5-8 set. It sounds like a terrific book.

  2. That looks great and I love the critters!

  3. I'm a big fan of Sabuda's books. This looks wonderful.

    1. It was Mary. I may keep it on my shelves for a bit unless a granddaughter begs for it:)

  4. Wow! This would have made such a great Valentine's gift, and it would still be a great gift for any loved one at any time. A book that transcends the age recommendation.

  5. So cute, and it would be a great gift for many reasons.

  6. Fun! I love all those pop up images. :D

  7. Replies
    1. Greg, this one was a gem - it sits high on my shelves with a few other children's gems.

  8. So beautiful! I would love to have this on our shelves!



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