Friday, February 27, 2015

A Letter to My Cat: Notes to Our Best Friends; Lisa Erspamer

Crown Archetype - 2014

A Letter to My Cat is one of those unique books that is a must read for anyone who has ever owned and loved a cat or two or more.  The book is a collection of short letters that cat owners have written to the cat(s), generally one letter per page, along with a beautiful colored picture of the cat.

Some of the letters in the story are funny, some will make you smile or remind you of  your own cat. There are stories from people who have rescued strays, and how the stray cat ended up rescuing them afterward by being there for them during the darkest days in their life.  Handicapped cats. therapy cats and ordinary house cats, each with a unique personality, fill the pages of this beautiful collection. There is a letter from a soldier who served in Iraq who rescued an abused cat while serving our country. He tells of how the cat ended up saving him from committing suicide down the road.

Many of the letters are written by celebrities about their cats, and even cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy offers a personal letter.  A few of the letters I ended up reading out loud to my husband -- stories about cats who sleep with their owner and gets their human to willingly rearrange their body so as not to disturb their cat's sleep. Cats who accompany you to the bathroom when you shower, the vocal cats who don't take "no" for an answer,  the cats who know your every emotion and when you need a fluffy warm lap warmer most of all, and just so much more.

At the end of the book there is a small photo and bio collection about the contributors of each letter and information about the animals in their lives.This beautiful book would make a great gift for the cat lover in your life.

5/5 stars
(library book)


  1. Diane, this sounds like a charming book for cat people. Terrific review!

    (On a different note, are you having any issues with Preview mode in Blogger, or is it just me?)

  2. I see she has A Letter to my Dog book, too! I will have to check both out!

  3. I luv this one. I've not seen it. I will have to look for "A Letter to My Cat.":)


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