Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cat & Bunny; Mary Lundquist

Cat & Bunny; Mary Lundquist
Balzer & Bray - 2015

Cat & Bunny  are the very best of friends, in fact, they were even born on the same day and same year.  Every since they were little, they've done everything together -- just the two of them.  They've even made up games, where they are the only ones who know the rules.

One day when they are out playing, Quail, asks to join in. Bunny says, "sure", but Cat isn't so sure about inviting someone else into the circle.  Soon many other children join in the fun, but Cat is sad and upset and runs off to be alone.  Cat, however, isn't alone for long, when someone comes along and Cat begins to understand what friendship is all about.

This is a very cute debut book about friendship.  The illustrations are so terrific -- mostly earth toned, pencil and water color drawings against a white background.  The little children are dressed in cute animal costumes, and simple sentences help tell a story about friends having fun.


5/5 stars
(library book) 


  1. That's so cute and you are sure right, those illustrations are terrific!

  2. This looks and sounds adorable.

  3. the illustrations are quite darling.


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