Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Walk in the Woods -- the Movie

Loosely based on Bill Bryson's 1998 memoir,  A Walk in the Woods will appeal more to seniors, much like, Wild appealed more to 30-something crowd.
Bryson (Robert Redford) has been married to his wife, Catherine (Emma Thompson) for 40 years. The couple has a beautiful family and home in New Hampshire. After the couple attends the funeral for someone their age, Bryson goes for a walk near his property and notices a marker sign for the Appalachian Trail. He does some internet research, reassesses his life,  and decides to hike the 2,100 mile trail which runs from Maine to Georgia against his wife's wishes.  He solicits friends including some he hasn't seen in decades and, it's Steve Katz (Nick Nolte) who wants to join him after hearing about Bryson's intentions from someone else, 
Bryson and Katz couldn't be more different. Bryson is fit and disciplined, while Katz a former alcoholic is very overweight, has had a knee replacement  and is still rough and gruff, a man on the prowl. What follows is quite entertaining. There are lots of laughs to be found, some a bit over the top, but the best part of the movie was the quieter moments and conversations between the two 70-something men when they reflect on life and their younger days.
The scenery is gorgeous breathtaking along the way.  There were several people they meet while hiking, at a motel they stop to shower and sleep, and the laundromat where they freshen their clothes that both adds and detracts from the movie overall. This is one of those movies that we enjoyed more because of who the stars are and for what Redford and Nolte have accomplished over their careers as actors.  
Bryson and Katz were in their 40's when they hiked the Appalachian Trail, the fact that these (2) guys were crazy enough to think they could hike 2,100 miles in their 70's, is enough to give you an idea what their experience and the obstacles they faced might have been like.
The movie was less than two hours and was pretty entertaining. We were happy we saw it.
6/10 stars 


  1. I was going to ask a friend to see this and then I saw it wasn't getting very good reviews. Now, I'd like to see it but might wait to rent it.

  2. I love Robert Redford. No Im not in my 70's lol. Im only 40 but I think I'll love this movie. Is it new, never heard about it before

    1. I've loved Redford and though Nolte has had a troubled personal life, his acting has always been tops.

      It was just released in theaters.

  3. Redford and Nick, both are looking awesome. You can Watch Walk in the Woods Online in HD Quality.

  4. I think I'd be more inclined to see it for Redford and Nolte so it's good to see that they carried the movie well!

  5. Redford must have decided he wanted to do the movie - I can't imagine why else you would choose to change the movie from being about 40-somethings to being about 70-somethings. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.


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