Wednesday, July 17, 2019

If She Wakes; Michael Koryta

TITLE: If She Wakes
AUTHOR:  Michael Koryta
PUBLISHER: Little Brown & Co (400 pp)
PUB. YEAR: 2019
RATING - 4/5

Tara Beckley is a senior at Hammel College in Maine. She's in charge of driving a visiting professor, Amandi Oltamu to deliver a keynote address at a conference but things don't go as planned.  The professor had been acting strangely and made a few unusual requests of Tara. One of those requests was that Tara stop the car and that they take a selfie of the two of them for social media. Tara complies and Professor O is struck and killed outside of the car. Tara is left in a vegetative state but, oddly, she can hear everything that is being said around her.

Abby Kaplan is an investigator hired by the university to look into this accident. It doesn't take long for her to see that things just don't add up and that this was no accident, it was most likely a "hit".  As Tara lies in her hospital bed,  hearing everything that is being said she learns that someone wants her dead as well - but why?

 This thriller had an odd set up to get the story moving but once it took off I felt like there was good character development and a fast moving plot. There was a young hitman and a few other interesting characters, as well as some unsuspecting twists that made this a thriller pretty decent read overall. I found myself quickly turning the pages to find out how it would all turn out. 


  1. Wow, what a premise. How harsh. I hope Tara revives....

  2. I think that sounds like a winner!

  3. I'm intrigued! I'm curious about what Tara overhears and about the hitman.

  4. Now I want to know what she overhears and how the book ends.

  5. oooh...this sounds intriguing! What a unique set-up. I hadn't heard of it yet so thanks for the heads up!


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  6. I remember enjoying this one - the suspense and the theme of the witness who is unable to communicate.

  7. That would be torture to be in a vegetative state but be able to hear everything.

  8. I haven't heard of this one and it's a strange premise, but it it sounds good.

  9. I've found myself really enjoying Koryta the last several years. I'll have to look for this one.


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