Saturday, July 12, 2008

7 Things About You As A Reader

A Fun little get to know your reading buddies questionnaire.

Here goes:

1. I didn't become obsessive about my reading until I stopped working full time in 2000. I always loved books since I was a child, but because of jobs, child rearing etc, I never read a lot until my children were grown and on their own.

2. I am totally addicted to the library and to reading the latest releases while some 500 perfectly wonderful books sit on my shelf unread. I have 40+ books reserved and 6 checked out at this time.

3. I'm very obsessive about only reading books in pristine condition. I only borrow the new library books or read my own new books. I've found some pretty disgusting things in books, so I am just a little freaked out by this.

4. I am also obsessed with copying audio books onto my IPOD. I have well over 60 audio books ready for me to listen to whenever I feel like it. BTW, I find it difficult listening to certain readers, especially those with a British accent, so I've become more selective with what I now copy.

5. I am constantly making and redoing lists of books that I want to read sooner, rather than later, or books I want to add to my collection at some point.

6. With so many books around me, I now give books the 25 page test (it use to be 50 pages). I pretty much know whether the book is for me or not by 25 pages.

7. I've really discovered some fine literature in the last few years, much of which has been recommended by many on line friends. I love books that have real substance and are thought provoking. I'm really fussy about what I read, and will not waste my time on romance or most chick lit. I also do not read sci-fi / fantasy, westerns or horror.

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