Sunday, June 4, 2023

Weekly Update - What I'm Reading


Well, I hoped to get a post in during the week but it just never happened.  The week flew by and it was a good kind of busy.  Monday was a family get together at my son and DIL's house in the country. Plenty of good food and laughs and the weather was perfect.  Everyone had a great time and it was nice to see how the (3) cousins, now 8,9 and 11 amused themselves.  I also got together with (2) friends during the week which was so nice as well.  

I did manage to finish (2) books:

Tor Nightfire - 2023 (library download)
(Summer Reading List)

3.5/5 stars

Gone Tonight; Sarah Pekkanen
Macmillan Audio - 2023 (NetGalley)

4.5/5 stars

What I'm Reading Now

( a memoir)
Simon & Schuster - 2016 (library)

Flatiron Books - 2022 (library)

Plans for the Week
  • Since I haven't reviewed ANY of the books I've read in 2023, my goal for this week is to post mini reviews for at least (5) of the 19 books I've read so far this year.
  • Lunch with a few of my bookish friends on Wednesday
  • Final eye checkin on Thursday
  • Lunch with my SIL on Friday
How was your week?

Saturday, May 27, 2023

It's Been a While - A Bit of Life and Books

Hello Out There,  how are all of you doing?  Do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend?

This weekend my son is having a cookout and the weather all weekend is supposed to be beautiful. So looking forward to getting together as 2023 hasn't been a great year for our family. Well to be perfectly honest, the past (14) months have been terrible, so blogging and reading have taken a back seat.  Without getting too specific, I'll just say there has been illness, treatments and even a death in our family.  I also lost my vision but fortunately (2) surgeries and lots of prayers has resulted in new and unbelievably improved eyesight..  It was really awful, not being able to read the iPad, computer and books. I wasn't even being able to read the license plate on the car in front of me, but now I'm safe on the road as are other drivers.  I am fortunate in many ways but, life feels different these days. 

 I haven't been reading much (just 17 books this year) but, I'm slowly getting back.  I haven't  been to yoga in months but hope to resume that in June as I wasn't supposed to do a lot of bending up till now. Thank goodness for family, friends, pets and other book lovers.

I've been sticking close to home and am grateful spring has sprung and summer will soon be here.  I've been buying lots of plants for the deck as well as indoor houseplants.  Of course, I've had to research non toxic plants as one of our two cats is a leaf lover.  I've scared him off from the hanging plants by placing a tiny wind chime in each - he hates the sound :)

I feel like I've missed out on keeping up with even the latest book releases and what has been going on in your lives but, I'm slowly trying to remedy that.  Not sure how much posting I'll be doing but, I'm trying to get back into comfortable routines.  Have you read any good books lately?

I wasn't going to make a summer reading list but, then I decided it might be good for me even if I don't complete it.  So here are the books that caught my eye:

Gull Island,  Anna Porter
Simon & Schuster 9/2023

Ballantine Books - 2022

Barbara Isn't Dying; Alina Bronsky
Europa Editions 2023

Maame, Jessica George
St. Martin's Press - 2023

In a Quiet Town, Amber Garza
mira - August 2023

Flatiron Books - 2022

Tor Nightfire - 2023

The Bird Hotel; Joyce Maynard
Arcade - May 2023

Maureen, Rachel Joyce
Dial Press - 2023

Tom Lake, Ann Patchett
Harper - August 2023

                                           Have any of my picks made you TBR list?


Saturday, January 7, 2023

Books Read in 2023


    1.  Night Shift; Robin Cook - audio - 4/5 stars (January)
    2. Women Talking; Miriam Toews - audio - 3.5/5 stars
    3. It Ends with Us; Colleen Hoover - 4audio - 4/5 stars
    4. The Levee: a novella; William Kent Krueger - audio - 3.5/5 stars
    5. Looking for Me; Beth Hoffman (reread for book group) - 5/5 stars
    6. Ms. Demeanor; Elinor Lipman - audio - 4/5 stars
    7. Rough Sleepers: Jim O'Connell's Urgent Mission to Bring Healing to Homeless People; Tracey Kidder - NF/audio - 4.5.5 stars - February
    8. The Stolen Lady; Laurea Morelli - 3.5/5 stars (audio) book group read February
    9. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo; Taylor Jenkins Reid - 3/5 stars - (book group) March
    10. The Couple at Number 9; Claire Douglas - 3.5/5 stars (audio)
    11. Hello, Beautiful; Ann Napolitano - 4.5/5 stars (April)
    12. The Forest of Vanishing Stars; Kristin Harmel - 4.5/5 stars (book group)
    13. The Half Moon; Mary Beth Keane - 3.5/5 stars (audio) (May)
    14. Mad Honey; Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan  - 5/5 stars (print/audio)
    15. The Kind Worth Saving; Peter Swanson - 3.5/5 stars (audio)
    16. Soulmate; Sally Hepworth - 4.5/5 stars - (audio)
    17. The House in the Pines; Ana Reyes  - 3.5/5 stars (audio)

    • Fiction - 15
    • Non Fiction -  1
    • Children's Books - 
    • Print Books (includes ARCS) (my shelves) - 
    • Print Books (library) - 1
    • eBooks/eGalleys (my shelves) -
    • eBooks (library) -
    • Audiobooks (my shelves) - 4
    • Audiobooks (library) - 11
    • Combo (read/listens) - 1
    • Female Authors - 13
    • Male Authors - 4
    • Debuts - 
    • January Books Read - 6
    • February Books Read - 2
    • March - 2
    • April - 2
    • May - 5

    DNF - 
    1. We Should Not Be Friends; Will Schwalbe - abandoned at 27% wasn't holding my interest (May)
    2. The Book of Goose; Yiyun Li - audio abandoned at about 30% - couldn't connect with story (May)

      Sunday, January 1, 2023

      Here's to a Better 2023 and Favorite Reads of 2022


      Hello all! Please forgive my abrupt disappearance from the blog (and life in general.) 2022 has not been a kind year for our household. One bad thing after another and it even meant ringing out 2022 with my first case of COVID...Day 3 of isolation here.  Here is to a much better 2023.  I'm not planning on too much blogging at least the first several months of the year due to vision issues.  I'm having some laser surgery in February and then need cataract surgery in both eyes as well.  I've been just listening to audio books as a result.

      I did want to do a final 2022 recap of how my reading year went.

      I read or listened to 141 books (LIST & LINKS HERE in 2022 but, you can see below that as my vision worsen my monthly reads declined as well.  

      • Fiction - 116
      • Non Fiction - 25
      • Children's Books - 12
      • Print Books (includes ARCS)(my shelves) - 35
      • Print Books (library) 12
      • eBooks/eGalleys (my shelves) - 28
      • eBooks (library) - 2
      • Audiobooks (my shelves) - 40
      • Audiobooks (library) - 23
      • Combo (read/listens) - 16
      • Female Authors - 102
      • Male Authors - 39
      • Debuts - 19
      • January Books Read - 14
      • February Books Read - 12
      • March Books Read - 18
      • April Books Read - 15
      • May Books Read - 14
      • June Books Read - 16
      • July Books Read - 14
      • August Reads - 15
      • September - 9
      • October - 9
      • November - 2
      • December - 3
                                 FAVORITE READS of 2022  (no particular order)

                                     Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2023.