Saturday, March 21, 2009

46 - The Overlook; Michael Connelly

I have only read (2) books by this author: Chasing the Dime and The Lincoln Lawyer (both enjoyable). I needed a short audio book for a trip so I selected The Overlook part of the Harry Bosch series.
In this story Harry Bosch is called out on a case when a murder victim is found at an overlook off Mulholland Drive. The victim is Dr. Stanley Kent, someone who had access to radioactive materials stored at hospitals throughout LA. The clues point toward a terrorist plot, and Harry Bosch must deal with the in-fighting of the FBI and Homeland Security. Once again Bosch must work with Rachel Walling, who he had a previous fling with, and it appears the sparks still fly.
The book takes place over a twelve hour period, and Harry as usual, makes his share of enemies during his investigation. A short book, with a few twists but not much character development, it did make my drive go by quickly though.

RATING - 3/5 - COMPLETED - 3/20/09

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  1. I really like what I've read by Michael Connelly so far. I have a little author crush on him, I admit. :-) This is one I haven't read yet. Since it's a later book in the series, I wonder if it the lack of character development has something to do with that.


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