Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Innocent; David Baldacci

Author:  David Baldacci
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Edition:  audiobook/ Library
Reader: Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy
Setting: Washington, DC area
Date Completed: Aug/2012
Rating: 4/5 
Recommend: yes

I'm not a big fan of novels about spies, secret operatives or hit men, but David Baldacci is one author who hasn't disappointed me so I decided to give his most recent book, The Innocent, a try in audio book format. The book was read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy -- both did a great job.

In this story Will Robie, is a hit man for the US government.  His targets typically are terrorists who are planning to harm or threaten the safety and security of others. He is very good at what he does, but there is something about a particular assignment he's given that doesn't sit right with him. He refuses to do what is expected, making him the hunted by those he works for.

While Robie is on the run he meets a fourteen-year old girl named Julie Getty who is also running for her life Julie's parents have been murdered and she may now be a target herself.  Against his better judgment, Robie can't run away from her, but he has no idea what he is getting into.

This story is fast paced and takes the reader on a wild ride. Numerous twists and turns had me paying extra close attention to what was going on. I found myself having to listen to a bit more and a bit more, finishing the audiobook much sooner than I expected to. There are some heart-pumping moments, and several sub-plots as well.  It's one of the books where you can almost imagine yourself watching the action. The sound effects used in the audiobook intensified this effect, and readers who read this one will be anxious to see how the story lines all tie in.


  1. I am ashamed to admit that I have never read anything by David Baldacci. I do like spy novels, so I probably should pick one up one of these days.

  2. My husband is a Baldacci fan so I'll have to see if he's read this one. I'm intrigued that there are sound effects in the audio production! I haven't encountered that in the books I've listened to. I may give it a listen!

    1. While some may find sound effects annoying in an audio book, I think it enhances the experience. Another book I listened to recently that had sound effects was, So Cold the River by M. Koryta.

  3. I'm not much into spy thrillers, but in the right situation (like reading on vacation) I do enjoy them occasionally. It's one of the few genres I prefer to read rather than listening to audio (for other books I don't care either way).

  4. I'm not a spy fan either, but Baldacci is always good. Thanks for the review.

  5. I haven't read one of his books for what seems like forever. Maybe doing an audio will get me back to this author!?

  6. Like others, I'm not usually a spy thriller fan, but I've read Baldacci before and enjoyed his work. This sounds like one that definitely hooked you.

  7. I enjoy Baldacci's work as well. This sounds like another winner!

  8. This does sound good, and any audiobook that has you trying to spend more and more time with it really needs to be on my list. It sounds like more than just your typical spy thriller. Great job with this review today!

  9. I do like the sounds of that one too...list gets longer!

  10. I read a few of his books back in the day, but I could see listening to this on audio when I just want a sit back and enjoy the thrill ride kind of listen.


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