Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Snow; Peter McCarty and One Snowy Night; M. Christina Butler and Tina McNaughton

First Snow; Peter McCarty
Balzer & Bray/Harper Collins - 2015


First Snow is all about "first" experiences for little ones, which most of us know can be a scary thing for some children.  In this story little Pedro comes from a place where he has never seen snow, but is visiting his cousins who live in snow country.  Pedro views the snow as new and strange, but the other little ones, bunnies, chickens, and other animals, keep encouraging him to try new things like sledding and making snow angels.

I thought this book's appeal was more about the adorable illustrations than the story itself.  The animals, the way they are dressed, and their facial expressions are terrific. The gorgeous illustrations are done in ink and water colors.  The author/illustrator is a Caldecott award winner, and his artistic talent shows through in this book once again.

4/5 stars

One Snowy Night; M. Christina Butler and Tina McNaughton
Good Books - 2004

In One Snowy Night, Little Hedgehog wakes up on Christmas morning to find that Father Christmas has left him a warm, red, wooly hat which makes him very happy because he is very very cold.  Unfortunately, the prickles on his head make it difficult for this hat to fit just right.

Hedgehog give the hat to his friend rabbit, but the hat is too big. Rabbit gives it to badger, and it fits great but he can't hear, so he gives it to fox who puts two holes in it for his ears.  In his travels Fox finds a baby hedgehog shivering in the snow, and puts the baby inside of the red hat, using it as a blanket to keep it warm and it soon falls fast asleep.

One Snowy Night is a "touch and feel book" that I fell in love with.  Vivid colors and the fuzzy feel of the red hat, in addition, to the wonderful story of sharing and caring, make this book a winner all around.

5/5 stars


  1. We love those clever and creative books for the little ones.

  2. The books look cute but I'd like to avoid anything to do with snow this winter. lol

  3. I don't mind books that are more about the pictures - especially when the illustrator is good!

  4. This book looks adorable! I love the illustrations.

  5. We just got One Snowy Night from the library and are loving it! It's such a pretty book. I'll have to check out First Snow.

  6. Both of these snow book look adorable, Diane! :)

  7. What absolutely charming illustrations. (What Beth said!) They make me miss reading picture books to my son when he was small.

  8. Drawings are so cute. My grandkids would love them.

    Book Dilettante

  9. How sweet! My kids and I are crazy about hedgehogs. =)

  10. We read One Snowy Night a lot around Christmastime. I fell in love with it too and thought it was so great how they included the 'touch' aspect on every page.


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