Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Salon - May 23, 2010

This has been a very busy weekend and I was not sure I'd find time for a Salon Salon post, but I thought better something short, then nothing at all.  My hub is in PA for the weekend to see the Phillies/Boston Red Sox games with his son and a friend. Who is he rooting for? Hub lived in Phillie most of his life, and has only been a New Englander for the last 14 years. Try as I might,  I have not been able to fully convert him to the Boston Red Sox (disappointing this year, even for me), but they are his #2 favorite baseball team...LOL.  Football for him is the Philadelphia Eagles, with the NE Patriots being his #2 team.

I've had a great weekend. I got to spend some one on one time with my son yesterday, and that was great. I love catching up. He is an awesome son, who has made his mother proud.  Today is one on one time with my daughter, she is also "awesome". Both  are caring, compassionate and sensitive. I got lucky, and am thankful for both of them.

So how do many mothers and daughters and daughters like spending their free time???

Outlet Malls--here we come!!!

I know some women hate shopping, but not the two of us. Shopping, not just for books, has always been something we have enjoyed. Hope to find, at the very least, some great summer shoes today.

Book Talk

Finished: Reviews Needed
  • Slow Death By Rubber Duck (N/F) amazing book - 5/5
  • Whiter Than Snow; Sandra Dallas (audio) - 4/5
MAY  (planned reading)
 MAY (Unplanned reading that just Happened)
  • Fast, Fresh and Green; Susie Middleton - 4/5
  • Slow Death By Rubber Duck - 5/5 (review needed)
Do you have any special plans for today?  If not just relax and enjoy the pleasures of the day.
Have fun at BEA this week if you are planning on attending. I don't get any time off yet with just (2) months at the new job, but I will be thinking of you all with envy, and will be looking forward to lots of photosHave a great week!


  1. Diane,

    I am glad that you've had some time with your children. I love spending time with my mom, a lot of the time I would rather hang out with her than my own friends! Especially if we are shopping. You must be a pretty awesome mom for your kids to want to spend time with you as well. Have a great sunday.

  2. I will be reading Backyard Saints soon too - it's our July BC selecion for the Manic Mommies book club. The cover is intriguing. My local BC reads the Pulitzer every year so Tinkers is also on my list, I am concerned though with your 3/5 review (at least it's not 500 pages long).

    As you know, I am in NJ this weekend. Today I have just enough time to visit the local bookstore and find some books about Washington Valley and northern NJ - then to the airport for a 4PM flight home.

    Will post a few photos tomorrow. Enjoy you Mother/Daughter shopping day!

  3. My son, great as he is, is unfortunately not a reader. But he understands his mother's passion for them so he is very patient with me whenever we are out and about and I am compelled to visit a bookstore. As long as I don't take him shopping for clothes. That he cannot abide.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    It is nice when our children get to the age when we can friends with them and not just their parents, isn't it?

    Hope you find lots of bargains!

  5. I'm still excited about attending BEA in 2008, when it was in LA. I would so love to go to NY, but it's not happening this year.

    I love shopping at outlet malls and haven't gone in awhile. The last time was when my daughter and I took a trip to Las Vegas. We stayed in my timeshare hotel there and hit those outlets right well as all the casinos.

    Good mother/daughter time. Probably not happening this year...the budget and all.

    Here's my salon:

  6. Sounds like a full and fun weekend! Enjoy your day shopping! Sometimes it's hard to do all that we do AND BLOG! ;-) Glad you had the time to say hello and share a bit of your weekend!

    Enjoy the coming week!

  7. I don't have any special plans for today but I do love shopping as well - for clothes and for books! (You get better deals for books on Amazon but then you miss out on the bookstore experience.)

  8. How exciting for your husband and his son! I love going to baseball games but don't get to nearly as often as I'd like.

    I am glad you were able to spend some one on one time with your children this weekend. That sounds so nice. I hope you were able to find those summer shoes you were looking for today!

    I have no special plans for today. I'm still recovering from (another) back injury and so should probably continue to take it easy. It's back to work tomorrow.

    Have a great week, Diane!

  9. I'm packing and getting ready to head to BEA. My parents lived in Philly when they were first married - from 1950 to 1953 and my dad has been a Phillies fan ever since, so your husband's in good company!

  10. I am happy to hear you spent some time with your children. This is the best use of our time. My son and I watched a movie together today. We have not spent a lot of time together so today was a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Go Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers!! You can't take the Philly out of a Philly fan!!! Woo hoo!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Shopping is fun sometimes but my son and I are so much alike after about 2 hours we're ready to come home!!

    Enjoy your mother-daughter time!

  13. Jenners....LOL....Red Sox beat the Phillies yesterday and today :) I know what you mean, the hub is a nut for anything (team) Phillie!

    Mari...looking forward to the photos.

    Thanks everyone, we had an awesome time together, and found some fun stuff as well.

  14. Jenners beat me to it ... once a Philly sports fan, always a Philly sports fan. It's in his DNA and won't ever leave. :) Hope your guys are having a good weekend in our City of Brotherly Love.

    My daughter and I love shopping, too - especially for books.

    We'll miss you in NY this week (I'm only going on Friday.) I feel your pain with the new job/no time off - I've only been in my new job a month but my new boss insisted I still go to the Book Blogger Con since it was planned beforehand. :)

  15. My 6-year-old and I bought new dishes and glasses for the house this weekend. I spent way too much money. It's easy to do. Even though I have a plan she tosses in a few things here and there and before I know it, the bill is more than I thought it would be. It's fun though.

  16. I read in my backyard hammock, which lead to napping in the hammock also! Wonderful day.

  17. Can I just say that you have to read Backseat Saints as soon as you possibly can? And then go back and read (or re-read) her first novel, gods in Alabama, because the two stories are so incredibly intertwined. Search "Joshilyn Jackson" on my blog to see my review of Backseat Saints -- I LOVED it! I re-read gods in Alabama over the weekend & will be posting a review of it with references to Backseat Saints soon. Jackson is an amazing writer!

  18. Sounds like a perfect weekend... hope you found some good deals at the outlet mall!

  19. Sounds like you had a terrific weekend!

  20. I love to shop as well, and am glad that you got to spend such a nice time with your children! It sounds like you have also been reading a lot of good stuff, though it looks like The Postmistress is a bit of a slog for you!! I hope that you have a wonderful week and get to spend some time with your husband when he gets back!!

  21. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake is high on my TBR list. I hope you enjoyed it!

  22. Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip. I did some book shopping over the weekend with the gift card my son bought me for Mother's Day. I am always happy to shop for books OR for shoes!

  23. Well isn't that funny - we were in Phillie for the Sox game last weekend too! I wonder if your hubby was the Phillies fan heckling us during Dice-K's near no-no?

  24. Bumbles...too funny. At least the Red Sox are back on a winning streak (long time coming).

  25. Hi Diane! Happy to know you had such a wonderful time with your children. I love going out with my mom and siblings too.

    I'm sorry I visited late. I can only visit during the weekends these days.


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