Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Salon ~ May 30, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I'm so excited to be enjoying a 3-day weekend for the memorial Day holiday, here in the U.S.  It's been (2) months working full-time, and I really love my academic library job. The people are so great and the environment can't be beat ~~ super friendly people and no pressure whatsoever!  Honestly, the toughest part of the job is getting up and getting going each morning :) This week we had a faculty/staff picnic and it was great fun, lots of events and prizes as well.

Yesterday, we met our friends Paul and Mary, also known as the "train people". We met them about 13 years ago on a train to Boston, and have been friends ever since.  We spent a fun afternoon over a late lunch, and non stop laughter.  Today we will bring flowers to the graves of my (2) brothers and parents, (always a sad day).  I then hope to spend the rest of the weekend at home, organizing all the books that I have acquired lately (that is a job in itself).  Sometimes being a book lover is a lot of work!

Speaking of books, I loved the way I felt like I was in control of my May reading. As some of you may recall I selected the books that I planned to read in May, and then updated my progress each week. (It's was like a monthly reading challenge for me ~~it was pretty successful as well). Here is a snapshot of my month.
(planned reading)

 MAY (Unplanned reading that just Happened)
  • Fast, Fresh and Green; Susie Middleton - 4/5
  • Slow Death By Rubber Duck - 5/5 
  • The Walk; Richard Paul Evans - 2/5
  • Let the Great World Spin; McCann (audio) - in progress
Do you have any special plans for today?  Have a great week!


  1. What a sad day to visit so many graves! But nice that you have that tradition to spend some time with family members that are no longer with you.

    One of my book groups has chosen Postmistress for summer reading so I look forward to your review

  2. Glad to hear you're still enjoying your job. That said, a three day weekend is a welcome break from any job, no matter how good it is.

    Isn't it funny how we meet our friends? How odd to think that those people sitting by you on the train could end up being lasting friends! Very cool!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  3. You have a nice system for controlling and keeping track of your reading!

    As to the hardest part of the job being the getting up and getting ready part...that was my experience when I did the three decades of social work. Oddly enough, it hardly got any easier! Until the very last day, it was still hard to do that part...

    Nowadays, I bounce out of bed...early, too, with no problem! Funny thing, huh?

    Here's my salon:

  4. How fun that you have "train friends"! And what a great idea to organize your TBR pile - I think I may do that myself!

  5. Glad to hear your job is going well. You did a fine job of taking control of your May reading. My was scattered as I did not finish many of the books I started. Kinda a reading slump month for me.
    Today I am home resting but tomorrow I plan to host a BBQ.

  6. You put me to shame, Diane! I wish I could manage my time better so I can read more books - a worthy goal, I believe.

  7. I'm glad you're still loving your job Diane. Organizing books - what's that? lol. Boy I'd love to get down and get mine done. They are quite the disaster right now.

    I remember you talking about your train friends before. I'm glad you had a good time. It's nice that you've kept in touch like that.

  8. You are so organized! And what a wonderful bunch of books! Glad you are still loving work too!

    Nice to be able to spend time with family & friends! And I will be thinking of you and your family as you visit the graves of your dearly departed family...

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  9. I remember you posting about your "train friends" awhile ago. I think it's so neat that you have a relationship with them still! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. We are really looking forward to ours as well. Also, your job sounds like the perfect fit for any bibliophile, and I am so glad you are loving it!!

  10. My grandparents had friends that they met way back in the '70's when they first moved to Seattle. They met them in a jazz club - there weren't enough tables and the other couple invited them to sit at their table & they were friends ever after. My grandmother and the female half of the other couple are both dead, but my grandfather and the male half play poker twice a week and are on the phone every day.

  11. You read a lot of books. I have heard good things about The Postmistress.

  12. I have a three-day weekend which is fabulous considering I only have a week and two days left of school. I've been gardening and reading today and plan to put a flower planter on a friend's grave tomorrow. Congratulations for your good reading this month!

  13. Long weekends are so nice, aren't they? I hope you enjoy the rest of yours, Diane.

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with Paul and Mary.

    Looks like you had a great reading month. I look forward to your review of Postmistress!

    It's been a day of spring cleaning in my house. I'm working on one of the closets today. Who would have thought it would be a day project?

    Have a great week!

  14. Sounds like you have the perfect job! I'm so glad for you.

    And you're doing great on your reading ... and I love when unexpected reading just happens! : )

  15. Very excellent job on getting your reading to be what YOU want to read.

    Memorial Day can be very hard for so many thoughts will be with you tomorrow!

  16. Congrats on getting such a great batch of reading accomplished. May was my worst month this year, but then visiting kids, grandkids and sibs was as much fun as any book. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. You wrote about these train friends once before didn't you? If not, then there is another blogger with some "train friends" too :)

    I am very excited but my TBR pile is actually dwindling. Finally!! There are 4 books that I agreed to review and then the rest is stuff that I've been wanting to read for ages. Yay! I finally feel as if I am in control. As you said, being a reader or book lover IS a lot of work sometimes.

  18. Laurel, you are right. It is much easier to get out of bed early when you are NOT working...LOL

    Ti (and others), now that I looked back, yest I have mentioned our TRAIN FRIENDS previously....LOL


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