Sunday, November 18, 2018

A few cute Kids Books from Candlewick Press

2018 - Candlewick Press (Kevin Hawkes - illustrator)

Will Mr. Snore ever find just the right hotel room at the busy Sharemore Hotel, to get some much needed sleep?

A funny story, full of comic relief, laugh out loud moments as Mr. Snore seems to find a problem with every room he tries on the various floors of the Sharemore Hotel.  The ending is so darn cute that most kids will want to read this one over and over again. The illustrations are clever and fun as well. Unique and fun!

Heads and Tails; John Canty
2018 - Candlewick Press

Does the special kiddo in your life love animals and guessing games? If so, this fun book is a must read.  On one page there are clues about a particular animal  -- what it looks like, where it lives etc. and just part of a picture of the animal.  Turn the page and in large letters the animal is identified as well as a very large picture of the animal. There are some 14 different animals to keep the kiddos guessing. The illustrations are terrific as well.

Curious little children who love animals will enjoy reading or having this unique book read over and over again.  Each will enjoy showing off their animal knowledge as well. Loved it!


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