Monday, November 19, 2018

OK Mr. Field; Katherine Kilalea and Anne of Green Gables; L.M. MontgomeryGables

 Anne of Green Gables; L.M. Montgomery
Modern Publishing - 2001

I can't believe I never read Anne of Green Gables until now, but as they saying goes - "better late than never". 

Set in Avonlea, Canada, it's very sweet story about an orphan girl who wants a family of her own.  Adopted at the age of eleven by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, older siblings who actually thought they were adopting a young boy that would be able to help out on the farm.  At first they are not sure how to deal with a young girl in the household.

Anne turns out to be a joy, the bright spot in the lives of all she meets. Happy, adventurous, smart and spirited, her enthusiasm for life is just so uplifting.  Of course, there is drama and at times her new family isn't sure how to handle various issues that pop up. I great story that shows us the importance of love, friendship and family.  (Hope to read the entire series in 2019).

OK Mr. Field; Katherine Kilalea
Crown Publishing - 2018

When Mr. Field (no first name), a British concert pianist injures his wrist in an accident, he is no longer able to perform.  He decides on a change of scene, moving to to Cape Town, South Africa and a house on the beach with his wife Mim, might be just the thing to make him happier. The move, however, seems to have the reverse effect. When his wife leaves him after just a few weeks, things go from bad to worse for Mr. Field.

This was a short novel, just over 200 pages.  I kept waiting for something to happen to Mr. Field but, it never really does. The story was almost a dream-like, series of happenings, watching his life slowly unravel.  This was a debut novel and the writing was actually pretty good. I'm just not having much luck with stream of consciousness fiction these days.  


  1. I haven't read Anne of Green Gables since I was a young girl (maybe 10 or 11). I'm hoping my book club will choose it for a 2019 selection since I really want an excuse to read it again!

  2. I haven't read Anne of Green Gables... must remedy that next year!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Anne of Green Gables but never continued with the series. I recently read Marilla of Green Gable and now I'd like to revisit some of the originals.

  4. I have read the first Anne of Green Gables book three times, but I can never get past the third in the series. The Netflix adaptation is pretty good though, called Anne With An E.

  5. I haven't read any of the Anne books either. Not sure what I was doing at that age, but I did read Louisa May Alcott and a lot of Nancy Drew type books. Anyway, I'm hoping to read a couple of them in 2019 as well.

  6. Welcome to the Anne club where kindred spirits abound! I’ve read the Anne books so many times over time life that I think I know them by heart. They are old friends indeed. Visiting PEI is on my short list.

  7. You've never read ANNE OF GREEN GABLES?? It's such a fun book! I admit I haven't read the rest of the books in the series, though. Maybe I'll get to them someday. I hope you enjoy them!

  8. Haven't read it since I was a kid. Not sure I need to reread :)

  9. Anne of Green Gables is such a lovely story. I have a friend who went on holiday where you ca do bike rides of the area where the story is set.


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