Sunday, April 14, 2019

(5) Quick Kids Book Reviews - Candlewick Press

Mr. Posey's New Glasses; Ted Kooser and Daniel Duncan
2019 - Candlewick Press - Grades 1-4

Just look at this delightful cover art and meet Mr. Posey. He's a senior citizen / grandpa type who is feeling a bit sad as if perhaps his eyesight is failing him.  A trip to the Cheer Up Thrift Shop with his neighbor seems to be the cure and, suddenly, he finds that his world is looking very different depending which of the quirky glasses he tires on. But, please, no cat-eyed frames as he learns fast that dogs don't like them.

A charming story with plenty of words to challenge the new reader. The paragraphs are a bit long but, what a fun story with terrific illustrations as well.

 Hello, I'm Here; Helen Frost and Rick Lieder (photography)
Candlewick Press - 2019 - Ages 2-5 - Pre school to K

A beautifully illustrated, easy to understand story about a majestic Sandhill Crane couple and their newborns that just have hatched. The parents teach them the way as their sometimes wobbly legs follow their parents here and there.

I loved the story with rhyming verse and the photography with it's many 2-page spreads are gorgeous.  Perfect as an Eastern gift or for any occasion.

Candlewick Press 2019 - Ages 9+

Did you ever wonder how Central Park in New York City came about? If so, this is a book for young and old alike. 1858, NYC, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead came up with a winning design  for Central Park A stunning place with some 34 unique bridges, master gardens everywhere, fountains, pagodas and so much more.  This book is detailed and fascinating and, whether you are young or old, I'm sure you will enjoy learning about the park's creation. Stunning illustrations as well.

 Princess Cora and the Crocodile; Laura Amy Schiltz and Brian Floca
Candlewick Press - 2017 - ages 4-8

Not just another princess story, I loved that Cora is not your typical, fairy-tale princess. She just want to have some free time to play because her life and schedule is much too busy for a little girl. She writes a letter to her fairy godmother wishing for a dog but ending up with a crocodile and so the adventures begin.

I loved the story, the message and the illustrations. New readers will get the giggles after reading about Cora.

I Want My Hat Back; Jon Klassen
Candlewick 2011 - Board Book - 2019 -  ages 4-8

The first book in a 3-book series and I might be in the minority here but, I have to say "pass" on this story.  It's a simple story but, I didn't care for it.  A bear has lost his red hat. He's a very polite bear that asks the other animals whether they have seen his hat.  You see the rabbit has taken his hat but, in the end the bear gets revenge on the rabbit in the form of dinner!! Simple art work, I just didn't care for what I guess you would call subtle humor. PASS


  1. All those books look good. I missed reading kids books so I picked some up the other day. I've read one so far and will be posting a review soon.

  2. Yikes, the revenge in I Want My Hat Back doesn't sound too nice. The rest of the books look good.

  3. Children's books are so wonderful these days!

  4. The first four books are delightful and didactic. The last one's premise made me laugh; I guess the humor nor its moral are targeted towards kids.

  5. I just put A Green Place to Be on hold at the library. Thanks for the recommendation :)


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