Sunday, April 14, 2019

My Life in a Cat House; Gwen Cooper

AUTHOR:  Gwen Cooper
PUBLISHER:  Ben Bella Books
PUB. YEAR: 2018
FORMAT:  -  print/my shelves (288 pp )
RATING - 5/5

My Life in a Cat House, is a delightful collection of 8 stories about the cats that shared a home with the author, a woman who grew up in a home with dogs. 

Although the author never considered herself a "cat person" it just took just one special rescued kitten to change all that. Over the years the author has given a home to 5 cats, some who now have passed on. Her stories about Scarlett, Vashti, Homer (the blind cat who has a whole book dedicated to him), Fanny and Clayton, each with their own personalities and quirks, resonated with me in some way. From the lap cats, a 3-legged cat, a blind cat and the cat that taught himself to fetch like a dog, most stories reminded me of a cat that graced my life over the years.  

I found it funny but true, how cat lovers rearrange their homes to accommodate their cats. Shoe boxes become home decor, tissue boxes on night stands, aspirin bottles and heating pads for aches and pains, all become amusement for our furry-feline friends. How it's never too much trouble for a cat-lover to put aside a good book or the laptop when the cat wants to snuggle on your lap. Then, of course, the more trying times like when the dreaded cat-carriers make their appearance for that trips to the vet. I found the stories to be lively and engaging, funny, sweet and sometimes sentimental. Cat-lovers will appreciate this collection of stories and most will be able to relate to their own personal experiences.

This book would make a great "mom's day" book or just a "thinking of you" book for the cat-lover in your life. 


  1. I have this on my list to read. I have been a dog person since I was a kid although we had cats too. Then last year my son brought home a kitten who barely had her eyes open and I had to hand feed her every few house until she could be weaned. When that time came I couldn't let someone else have her, she was mine.

  2. I know someone who needs this book.

  3. I wish I could be a cat lover, but I am so allergic. I think it's the same with dogs, though. Our lives seem to cater to them and revolve around them. They are such a wonderful addition to our lives.

  4. The Dad has met Gwen and we are big fans of all she does.

  5. You must have enjoyed it immensely, being a cat-lover yourself. :-)

  6. I have some pretty harrowing cat carrier stories myself!

  7. This sounds fun! I've never been a cat person until we got the cat we have now and he definitely charmed me! I think I could relate to this one.

  8. Oh, that cover! I really need to snuggle that guy.


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