Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wingspan; Chris Bohjalian

TITLE: Wingspan
AUTHOR:  Chris Bohjalian
PUBLISHER:  Knopf/Doubleday 
PUB. YEAR: 2019
SETTING:  Transatlantic flight from NY to London
FORMAT:  -  eGalley
RATING - 4/5

I've read most everything Chris Bohjalian has written so I was naturally curious about this novella.  At first I though it might be a prequel to The Flight Attendant, but it was not.

Originally a one act play staring Grace Experience (Bohjalian's daughter) and K.K. Glick, it's a very quick read, basically dialog between two flight attendants. There's veteran attendant Karen and  a newbie, Emily who is on her first transatlantic flight from NY to London. Emily is extremely nervous about this flight and starts talking pretty much non stop, unloading her secrets in the process.

I read this from start to finish in bed the other night and thought it was enjoyable enough to recommend.


  1. I listened to this and liked it but thought it should have focused on Emily's fear a little more.

  2. What a great setting for a play. It's something we can all relate to.

  3. Diane,
    This sounds like an interesting novella! Very nice, concise review!

  4. I love the author, so I'm adding this one to my list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do enjoy this author and he is always so gracious on social media too. A plus for us bloggers who fawn over authors.

  6. Lovely review, New book for me.

  7. Oh I hadn't realized he put out this. It sounds like a very good premise. I'm game for it


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