Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Salon - August 29th

It's been a gorgeous week weather-wise here in New England, warm but breezy, high 70's and low 80's but in the 50's at night.

Last week I mentioned I was going to be starting to use the Fitness complex at the college--well I stuck to the plan. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, was 20 min of cardio and 25 minutes with weights. There are (40) different pieces of fabulous nautilus equipment to chose from, as well as (2) floors of all the latest in cardio machines, a terrific pool, indoor and outdoor tracks and a rock climbing wall (think I'll skip that). 

From someone who has not done anything other than walking for exercise, I learned that my leg muscles are surprisingly strong, as I could press 80lbs on my first day.  My upper body strength is very weak though, as on several pieces of equipment, I could not lift more than 20 lbs and that was a struggle. So little by little, I hope to get stronger in my arms.  I also walk for (30) minutes on Monday through Friday unless it is raining. I think I am getting into it, so give me another week or two and my 50+ body should look like this......

Well, something like this would be nice!

Okay, now for some bookish stuff. I read ROOM and it is terrific - be sure not to miss this one.  I also finished the audiobook : I Thought You Were Dead; Pete Nelson (which I Loved).   Mr. Peanut  was a weird book - (no review yet).

I've also been listening to The Nobodies Album and Pillars of the Earth, and enjoying them both, and still working on Fall of Giants (about 300 more pages left of the 900+) --it is fabulous though.

Do have any plans for today? I am closet cleaning. Flipping through my (2) favorite magazines: Real Simpleand O, I've decided to weed my closet, and to keep only basic, classic pieces for work and casual wear. 

The thing is, I have most of the pieces I need: several pair of good jeans, black, navy, gray and brown dress slacks, several white, black and pastel shirts, lovely sweaters, plenty of jerseys and tees, leather books BOOTS (LOL), good casual shoes, belts, coats and jackets. Oh, and now exercise clothes too!  It's just that there is so much other stuff crammed in my "closets",  that I have not worn in several years.  I am saying goodbye to those pieces once and for all. 

Do you still have.....the outfits you wore to weddings that happened 5-10 years ago? How about the favorite jeans that are (2) sizes too small (from 10 years ago), but you just might get into again if you really, really try right?  I even have new and like new shoes that I bought (5+) years ago and never wore...out those go too, maybe someone who doesn't mind sore feet will enjoy them.

Have a great week everyone!
(off to tackle the closets)


  1. I applaud your sticking to your exercise plan! Congrats! And for the closet.. sometimes mine is like a dept. store rack with sizes ranging from skinny to not so skinny (OK really not skinny at all)! :-)

    As for bookish- I can't wait to read what you think of Fall of Giants! I read I Thought You Were Dead and loved it. Needed some tissues though...

    Have a great week!

  2. What a productive week you've had! I, too, live in New England, and I agree, the weather this week has been gorgeous. Congrats on sticking to your fitness plan, and good luck weeding your closets. I find cleaning to be a great time for listening to audiobooks.

  3. Glad the exercise plan is going well! Maybe you could stop over and help me clean out my closet? I should probably get rid of the dress that I wore to my high school reunion in 2001....

  4. Ummm....yes. Yes I have tons of clothes in my closet that I will either A. Never wear again or B. No longer fit me (and I will never be that size again). I really need to weed out my closets but that may be a project for another day :)

    I'm super excited to hear that you enjoyed Room as I just received it in the mail last week. It looks amazing and I'm hoping to read it soon. Have a great week of reading and good luck with all of the exercise!

  5. Hooray for you! My Dad is on an exercise program too, he watches exercise videos on fast forward...gets it over with quick he says! No, he doesn't do them, he just watches.

  6. Fabulous post, Diane! I was laughing and nodding in agreement the entire time.

    LOVE the cartoon - unfortunately it is all too true in my own life. I had promised myself that I would acclimate myself to a school routine, but then after Labor Day I will try to add exercise to the mix. My goal is to walk 2 miles 5 days a week - and perhaps have a bit of fun with the Wii. I hope that I can be as accountable and responsible as you!

    I just received Bookmarks magazine and the one book that really stood out to me is Follet's, Fall of the Giants. I look forward to your review.

    I don't read magazines much, but the two you mention would be my favorites if I did. I also decided to simplify my wardrobe. I find that once I find a pair of pants that fit, I will wear them out before I try to find another style. SO...I treated myself to two nice pairs from Coldwater Creek (black and cappaccino) and will add more as the colors are released. I also have a pair of dark brown, navy blue, and stone pants and then I buy inexpensive tops from Kohls to provide the variety.

    I would say that the oldest piece in my wardrobe that I cannot part with (but it does still fit) is a classic, sleeveless black dress that I bought before my youngest was born - and she will be 17 next month :)

  7. Today I plan on experimenting with hummus. I am to try to make some good tasting homemade lemon hummus.
    As far as closets go, I did this a few months ago. I took a really hard look at my cloths and tossed everything that has gone unworn in the last year. Yes, I was one of those who held onto smaller sizes. Since I am loosing weight I kept a couple of pants, just for fun, but everything else went to Goodwill.
    Best of luck to you, I am sure in just a few short months you will look fabulous!

  8. Good for you on the exercising, Diane! After reading your review for I Thought You Were Dead I reserved the audiobook from the library. I hope to have it by the weekend so hubby and I can listen on a trip across state.

  9. Yay for the I need to get my tush in gear too!! Cleaning closets makes you feel great. And honestly, how many clothes does a person really need right? I love simple and basic and using accessories to change it up!

  10. I organized my closets one day, shortly after I moved in here, but I need to do some more weeding. One thing I was pleased about is that I pulled all of my photo albums out of a big trunk (that's a hassle to get into because there are books, etc., on top) and stacked them in order on one of the closet shelves. I had cleared off a bunch of other stuff to make room for them.

    My magazines are getting out of hand, though; and, oh yeah, my exercise routine fell by the wayside when I was babysitting everyday. But I'm not why am I just lolling about?

    Have a great day!

    Here's my salon:

  11. I need to work on my upper body strength, too. I've been running, which is great for my legs, but I still have a "got" issue and jiggly arms. Ha!

    Good luck with that closet. I love to purge my closets and get organized.

  12. It sounds like you've had a very productive week! That post makes me feel so lazy sitting here. Hahaha. I try to go to the gym for a half-hour at least four times a week, but my body just doesn't like losing weight. Oh well. Good for you! Keep it up. And thanks for visiting my Mailbox.

  13. Yay for you for sticking to your intentions!

    And the books/boots typo cracked me up.

  14. I need to resume my workouts too. it's been two months since the last time I hit the gym. I've been doing the opposite of closet-cleaning. I figured I now need some work clothes, so all weekend, I've been buying shirts and pants. Have a great Sunday!

  15. Great job getting started on your workout plan!!

    I just cleaned out my closet last week - it was one of the first times I had a really difficult time parting with a lot of stuff. There was just no more room in there! I had to get rid of the stuff that just doesn't look good on me. If I'm never going to wear it why keep it. Good luck!

  16. Good for you with your exercise quest, Diane! I think your plan sounds doable. I'm adding some strength training and cardio back into my routine starting this week as well.

    The closet cleanout sounds like a good idea. I like your tips about things purchased and not worn or items not useful for 5 years. I need to evaluate mine as well.

  17. It is so funny that I should read your post now. I posted my SS earlier, and what I had intended doing...I didn't. I got so nervous about starting school this week that I had to straighten my closets. So when I read your post I was so with you. Yes, I found my size 4, 6 and 8's and well I can sorta get in a couple of my 8's ...but honestly NOT!!! Why do I keep remind myself that I wasn't always the size I am now. (I won't say). I did loose 20 lbs since last November 2009. Yes...very slowly and no one could tell the difference at school...but that's ok. I'm getting there. I will cheer you on as you exercise away....I have the same image of myself in mind.

    Let's hope. Happy Sunday....

  18. Oh, to have that stomach-but I am much too lazy to work for it and I love food too much. I applaud your fitness regimen, Diane!

  19. Good for you! Exercise is fantastic. I committed to walking twice a week and (so far!) I'm keeping that resolution.

    I finished Three Musketeers this week and that's the subject of my Sunday Salon. Hope you will stop by!

  20. Congratulations on sticking to your exercise program! I need to get back to walking as soon as it cools off a bit.

    My closets are in need of drastic cleaning out. Send me some of your energy and motivation.

  21. Hello, I just came across your blog today and I love it! (Probably because the ocean is my favorite thing in the world). Great job on your exercising! I need to get back to the gym. I am also closet cleaning today too...getting kind of overwhelmed.
    I awarded you the summer blogger award!


  22. Congratulations on your exercise plan! I do have old clothes in my closet. I have some nice dresses from when I worked in an office about 10 years ago that I'm holding onto because I still wear them occasionally to church. I also have some t-shirts from high school that I only wear around the house. The pants though - that's one thing I haven't held onto because I know I would be delusional to ever think I'd be that skinny again (I was stick-figure girl with incredible metabolism in high school. That went out the window when I had kids.)

  23. Gee, I would have figured lifting all those books would have given you good arm strength. ((grin))

    Hey, seriously though, congratulations on sticking with your exercise program!

    I'm still struggling to come back from my Achilles heel surgery but I do notice each week how I am doing better. Jogged two miles on Friday -- I'd put a warm up half mile walk in front of the two miles and and another half mile walk following, so that's three miles covered. I'm hoping to be able to get through the CVS 5K in Providence -- coming up in three weeks. (They are expecting more than five thousand entrants this year!)

  24. Oh, I loved Room too! It was such a unique book with such an interesting narrator. It sounds like you're on the right track with the exercise plan, and I wish you the best of luck with it. I wish my body could look like your photo!!

  25. Good luck with the exercise routine! When I was in my prime, I didn't appreciate the shape I was in, but I would sure appreciate it now.

  26. Love that cartoon!!!

    And kudos to you for the exercise. Sounds like they have enough stuff to keep it from being boring.

  27. Diane, good for you sticking to the exercise plan! Good luck! I cleaned my closet out about 4 months ago. I donated all the things I never wore or hardly ever wore to Goodwill and it felt wonderful to get rid of all those things but give them to someone who could use them!

  28. Wow! I am really happy that you stuck to your plans on exercising :)
    I like the comment by Brian - LOL!
    Boots (books) - LOL!

    And I know, my cupboards are overflowing with stuff I will never fit in :) :)

  29. Keep it up -- sounds great! I was just telling my Hub a few days ago "I miss those days of a flat stomach." (after I was looking at a Talbot's catalog of tall, long-legged, flat-stomached young women)

  30. Way to go on exercising! sounds like you are doing a great job.

    I change out my closet for the seasons, so I weed out clothes I don't wear twice a year. I'm always surprised by those that I hang on to..just because I might wear them again.

    I'm also addicted to running clothes. I have enough shorts and tank tops to get me through 4 days of running. I have my next pair of shorts picked out,but at $60 I'm waiting a bit. Maybe they will go on sale when the weather turns cooler? a girl can dream.

  31. As part of my 'nesting' I have been cleaning closets for weeks :) Gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

  32. Keep up the great work with the workout! I hope to maintain that look (like in that pair of jeans) for a long, long time. I want to hear your thoughts of Fall of Giants!


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