Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Salon

I recently went for my annual lab work and physical, and when you are over 50, like me, it's always thrilling to learn all is well. (My husband says he is to thank for providing me with a stress-free life...LOL)...whatever!
  • Blood pressure 104/72; 
  • cholesterol - 160
  • Blood Sugar 89
  • EKG - normal
  • weight.....ahhem.....let's just say too much
  • height (it appeared that I grew 1.5 inches, thanks to some new snappy sandals)
And, while my doctor was pleased, well except for the extra lbs, he suggested something I consider: painful.

My response, "Please no, I'd rather go to the dentist".

Well, I agreed to try walking, except when it is hot and humid, raining, or very cold and icy. Actually, I was walking every day at work for a half hour, until it got hot and humid for most of July.  I don't want to have to go back to work all sweaty.
I do truly wish that exercise was something I learned to like early on in life. The fact is I was one who hated gym even in grade school, frequently skipped it in high school, did not play any sports and never even learned to swim.  I also raised (2) kids who participated in track (daughter) and played baseball (son), but as adults, they hate exercise almost as much as me....(I was a terrible fitness role model).

Do you like exercise, or can you relate to what I've said?

Now for some Awards that came my way

Award #1 

Natalie, the Coffee and Book Chick awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. The rule is for me to tell you (7) things about myself. Well here goes:
  1. I'm not afraid to die, but I do wish I knew how long I have to live. I honestly think it would help me to focus my energy on what I want to do with the rest of my life.
  2. I've always considered myself more of an animal person than a people person.  However, when new people meet me, they quickly begin to share all their problems with me.  As a result, I often thought that I missed my calling, and probably should have been a therapist.
  3. I am a control freak, and then quietly bitch about having to do everything.
  4. When I was in high school....ahhem...1970's, I went to France and Switzerland with (3) friends and a group from school for $400.00! This included airfare, hotels and (2) meals a day. The first and only time I've been skiing was in the alps of Chamonix.
  5. My husband and I love watches. He was more than 25, and I have about 7.
  6. I like my job, but wish that I did not have to work full-time in order to have reasonably priced health benefits. 
  7. My husband is my best friend.
Now I am suppose to pass this award along to (15) other bloggers, but instead, I'd just like to suggest that if you are reading this, feel free to grab the button and share with all of us (7) things about yourself .....You know you want to!
 Award #2

Vicki was sweet enough to pass along the Summer Blogger Award. Thanks for thinking of me.
 I'm suppose to pass it on to (4) other bloggers, but instead,  I'm breaking the rule and awarding it to EVERYONE reading this've been awarded.

Books and Stuff

I've been on a reading roll lately. For me that always seems to happen when I read a few good books in a row.  In case you missed my reviews, this is what I've been reading. (I actually finished The Good daughter in July, but did not review it until this week).
 Just starting.....Fall of Giants; Ken Follett
     Did you have a good reading week?


    1. Ugh...I feel the same way about exercise. I used to play soccer, but I have always been a bookish person and one who prefers air conditioning and reading on the couch to sweating and running outside. Ick.

    2. Haha to #3...that's SO me you're describing there ;-)

    3. Results are looking good. I feel you. I have to lose weight because my BP didn't look good. I do exercise but not on a regular basis. I should. So again, I understand. :)

      By the way, thanks for visiting. Happy weekend.

    4. I piled on the pounds during pregnancy and lost it again through diet and walking. I did buy excercise dvds and joined a gym and had good intentions but I hated the excercise so I just walked. I can walk for mile and miles but if you asked me to run around the block Id really struggle.

    5. I totally get what you mean. I have a few pounds to lose myself and am on a mission to get healthy and fit but I just am not a fan of the gym.

      Now that I have a job it's even harder trying to fit in. It's even harder blogging/maintaining my blog and networking. I'm trying to get it together though...fingers crossed.

      Also a big congrats to all the award winners!

      If you're interested I'm hosing a giveaway- which I'm abut to post within the hour, so feel free to stop by.
      Paper, Pens Lipgloss...

    6. Oh, I don't like exercise either, Diane! I joined a gym in 2006, because I got scared when I couldn't walk 11 blocks without huffing and puffing (on my granddaughter's school trip); I went religiously for the first year and lost 67 lbs. I also took a nutrition class at the gym and learned a lot about how smaller meals help you lose weight.

      But then I started slacking off, and now I'm lucky to get to the gym once a week. And 25 of those lbs. came back on!

      I thought it was GOING OUT to exercise was the problem and bought a treadmill. I liked that even less!

      Walking isn't bad, but I always find excuses. Hmm, guess I hate exercise too! lol

      Good luck with it, though; I do believe that we should do it.

      I liked reading the seven things and laughed about the "control freak" one. I can relate!

      Here's my salon, in a new location now:

    7. I skipped gym all the time, and never learned to swim-but I love exercising now. I took a Nautilus class in college and then did some personal training with a great trainer and I really love the gym. there are days when it's a drag but I ALWAYS feel better after. I would encourage you to try some different things, don't push too hard at first, and find something you enjoy. That's really the key, because every form of exercise is not going to be a good fit for everyone. I know it's an effort but it's so worth it and you only need to do a little more than you're doing right now to see benefits. Start slow, be consistent and pay attention to how good it can feel to move your body. And HAVE FUN! Good luck! :-)

    8. You are brave sharing statistics. Great visit to the doc though. Exercise? If I could do it without sweating and having to wash my hair everyday, it would be sweet!

      Fun reading about your versatility. LOL
      I went to Switzerland in the ahhem 70's and skied the Alps as well. We were in Davos. It was cheaper for the ski club to visit the Alps, than Colorado or that time.
      I'll never forget it though. It was beautiful.

      I loved The Good Daughter. I'll read your review after I write mine.:)

    9. Zara, Shey, Jessica, Sa Toya and Laurel--it was nice to hear that you and others share my dislike of exercise. I really have not excuse as we have a gorgeous gym at work as well, so I MUST try something.

      Marie...Like you, those who exercise regularly always mention the fact that they feel "so good afterward"; that should be motivation enough. We do have a gorgeous gym at work so I need to get it moving.

      Thanks for all your comments.

    10. Oh I hate to exercise. LOL i think that's unanimous. LOL but sometimes its a necessary evil. I am glad to hear that you are doing great though. I hope you have a GREAT day today.

    11. Oh, I can relate to the exercise thing! The weather can't stop me now that I walk the dog though. She NEEDS to go out. I really do feel much better when I exercise... am thinking of joining the Y after school starts. My oldest daughter is also suggesting yoga. She loves it.

    12. I hated gym class. When I was a kid we were always very active, running around, exploring, climbing trees, etc. -- but I totally hated gym class and that gave me a foolishly negative attitude about exercise... until I began to see the big Four Oh approaching and I let my eldest (who was running track & cross country) talk me into taking up running.

      I found that I loved it. I still do, although now at 67 my body is somewhat less thrilled.

      I am am now trying to get back into shape after an extended period of inactivity (Achilles tendon problems all winter, Achilles tendon surgery in May, hernia repair surgery at the beginning of July).

      Three cheers for you for going to your doctor and getting a thorough check up. (And very nice blood pressure reading; you're doing something right.)

      And now I need to get away from the computer and go out for a two mile walk with perhaps a little bit of jogging mixed in.

    13. I hated gym class. When I was a kid we were always very active, running around, exploring, climbing trees, etc. -- but I totally hated gym class and that gave me a foolishly negative attitude about exercise... until I began to see the big Four Oh approaching and I let my eldest (who was running track & cross country) talk me into taking up running.

      I found that I loved it. I still do, although now at 67 my body is somewhat less thrilled.

      I am am now trying to get back into shape after an extended period of inactivity (Achilles tendon problems all winter, Achilles tendon surgery in May, hernia repair surgery at the beginning of July).

      Three cheers for you for going to your doctor and getting a thorough check up. (And very nice blood pressure reading; you're doing something right.)

      And now I need to get away from the computer and go out for a two mile walk with perhaps a little bit of jogging mixed in.

    14. Exercise and me are not one exactly!

      I do walk the dog four times a day.
      I used to go to the gym (before we had the dog!)

      Love your cheerful blog.
      re books, I loved Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth which I read about 15 years ago.
      It is great!

    15. Congratulations on your good check up and your awards! I am pretty much a non-exerciser too.

    16. Exercise is my nemesis, and I really should change that for the sake of my kids. I'd much rather be reading or blogging, though! Poor excuse, but true! My son, 10, is starting to get a little overweight so I should start setting a better example. He loves to swim, so I'll be signing him up for lessons in the fall.

    17. I have my annual on Tuesday and know that the information will be the same as yours: it's all good except the extra pounds. I was athletic growing up (mostly swimming), but now really make it my last priority unfortunately. I say I am going to walk, but I don't. However, it's getting bad. I need to get moving.

      And, from one control freak to another who gets annoyed at doing everything for everyone... I get you!

    18. I definitely don't enjoy exercise. Or, I guess, I should say I don't like exercise in a gym environment. I really enjoy hiking, I like walking around the city, and being active generally, but I do not like being in a gym surrounded by people who intimidate me. I DO like feeling accomplished after a good workout, though- not sure it makes up for my feelings DURING the workout, however :-P

    19. I think that is just wonderful that you are best friends with your husband!

      As for exercise, I used to hate it too, but honestly I find now that it is one of the best stress relievers out there but it's key to find something that you actually enjoy! It can't feel like work!

    20. Your entire post could have been written by me! Good grief, we MUST be long lost twins!

      I also wish I had cultivated a taste for exercise when I was younger. I was never coordinated enough for team sports (although I did enjoy tennis for a brief time in high school) and now I can think of ANY excuse not to walk on the treadmill. I have vowed to give it another go this fall when school starts and I have to follow a set routine.

      I am not afraid to die either - but I am afraid of suffering. Interesting, huh?

      I also went to Europe in high school and have been dying to spend another 3 weeks there again (some year - I have promised myself)

      Have a great week, Diane!

    21. I hate exercise too. But I started Zumba this year. I love to dance so it's fun and I never notice that an hour has gone by. If you find something you like, then it's fun and doesn't feel like work!

    22. Congrats on the good news from the doctor. As for the exercise bit? Think that it is just about finding something you enjoy. I grew up playing sports and always thought I needed something really vigorous and team sports oriented to be happy but discovered yoga in my 40s and have fallen in love with that needed exercise again.

    23. A post I can relate to, and one I enjoyed reading very much.
      An English Girl Rambles

    24. I hate to exercise, but I do it for about 1 hour every day because I have diabetes, and it's the only way to keep it in control. I think the biggest thing I hate about it is getting hot and sweaty. It really stinks to feel so gross after walking, either indoor or out and I wish I didn't have to do it!!

    25. I don't like exercise either, but I will be walking with John every night after dinner starting tomorrow. We have decided to eat more veggies, less starches, etc. Then we will walk after dinner. I hope that helps my weight issues too! Good luck!

    26. I am the world's worst when it comes to exercise. I HATE it...
      That being said - my doctor - wants me to exercise - because of the diabeties! So I am thinking about walking...! I have been weeding my garden = does that count?

    27. I love to workout! If I don't have a goal set for myself it's hard to stay focused though... I'm not sure if this is true or not but I heard/read somewhere that those of us over 40 have to workout for at least 60 minutes a day to avoid weight gain (did you read that I wrote 'at least')!

      Maybe you could take dance lessons or something fun?

      Good Luck!

    28. Thanks for sharing the awards. Yes, I agree - exercise is painful especially if you could be reading instead :)

    29. Thanks everyone,

      I did not realize I had so many people in my "I hate exercise camp". We could all be great couch potato friends I suspect.

      The truth is I need to make friends with those of you who have mastered exercise, and found it too be fun. Maybe you know something about it that I don't...LOL

      Thanks to all of you for, taking the time to comment today; as always I love hearing from you.

      BTW....JIM (JIM's JOURNAL)...if you are reading this post can you email me your blog link. You feel off my google reader and I would really love to read your space...Thanks Diane

    30. I really hate to exercise too. I'm relatively young (mid-twenties) and I did the same stuff as you all my life - skipped gym class, never played sports, etc. I've always been naturally thin but now that's all starting to catch up to me and I have to put some effort into staying a small size. One thing that's helped me is listening to books on audio while walking or using the eliptical. It helps because you get engrossed in the story and before you know it, half hour or forty minutes has gone by! Another thing you might want to try is yoga. It's not as hard as it looks, you don't have to be very flexible to do it, and they have modified poses for just about every one. So it's for all skill levels. It's sort of lighter exercise because you don't feel like you're going to die while you're doing it, but it works so many muscle groups, posture, etc.

      Good luck! And happy Sunday!

    31. I'm a confirmed coach potato too. Several years ago I tried to change by furnishing a home gym and hiring a trainer to work out with. This worked for awhile, but eventually I dreaded when the trainer came and now the gym stuff collects dust in the basement. Lately, I've been serious considering working out again as I too have put on some extra unwanted pounds.

    32. I am bizzare in that I do like to exercise but I don't do enough of it and don't priortize it - work and other things always get in the way. I am trying to change that because it does help with stress. Have you considered audio books while walking (even on a treadmill) - the time could go very quickly :)

      I have wanted to read Such a Pretty Face - can't wait to read your review!

      Have a great week!

    33. Thanks for visiting this weekend from the hop. Congratulations on all your awards. I like your idea of everybody grabbing the button for the award. I might do the same thing. Great idea.

      If you only have to ski once, Chamonix is THE one.

    34. Oh I hear you ... I feel the same way you do about exercise. I keep telling myself "In September I'll start again...'

    35. Congrats on the clean bill of health! I can completely relate to your lack of enthusiasm for exercise. I don't mind so much if it's incorporated into an activity (like hiking), but I have less ambition to do something like jogging (which I did last week for the first time in years only because I've been horrified by my weight lately).

    36. Your numbers are really good. Mine are not. The doc changed my meds becuase of my allergies and now my BP is out of control. I suspect that is why I was wonky the other day.

      I was walking every day for like a year and then just got thoroughly bored with it. I kept adding tunes to the iPod which would help but was not enough to keep me motivated. I am trying to get back into it but let's face it, exercise sucks when you HAVE to do it.

    37. Congratulations on your check-up and your awards :) The only exercise I like to do is walk, but you are right that the hot & humid summer has made it difficult to enjoy walking.

    38. Congratulations on the awards! They are well-deserved.

      I have a unique relationship with exercise. I love to be active - it makes me feel so good! - but for the past 8 years, I've had a debilitating illness whose primary characteristic is an intolerance to exercise. Any kind of exertion and within hours, I suddenly feel as if I have the flu - sore throat, achy, exhausted. It really sucks and has made me appreciate exercise all the more. I would give anything to be able to exercise again and get my heart rate up and feel that wonderful high from being active.

      So, maybe for some extra motivation you could exercise for me! What I liked most was walking/hiking outdoors - it's like a double lift - the exercise and nature. Try it!

      I hope you can find some sort of activity you can truly enjoy.


    39. Congratulations on the great news from the doc! I really like swimming and since it's the only exercise I can really do that's good I s'pose but swimming takes preparation and you have to find a pool if you don't have one etc.

      Walking sounds like a good idea....can you do it after work or on the weekends? I never liked going to work sweaty. ugh. Maybe you can use a treadmill & read while doing so?

      It's so nice when we get on a good reading/book roll!

      ~ Amy

    40. After getting back from the beach 2years ago (a great motivator)I went back to the gym and work out, too. :) And weights for the bone thing. It's a necessary evil. Having a friend along makes it soooo much more enjoyable.

      Thanks for sharing yourself. We have some things in common--I would like to know what year I'm going to die -- would get a lot more done, I'm a '74 graduate, and I collected limited edition Harry Potter watches. How lucky you are to have your husband as your best friend!

    41. I was doing very good with exercising until the weather got so hot. My treadmill is in my garage where there is no air conditioning, so it's been too hot to use it. I live in a rural area - no gyms close by. I've promised to do better if it ever cools off.

    42. Congrats on your awards, Diane!
      Nowadays I hardly exercise, I guess I'm too lazy, hehe.

    43. I feel the same way about exercise. I have had surgery two years ago (heart) and still dont like any form of exercise. I just prefer to loll around or sit and read. My children too are not into sports of any kind so I guess that makes me a bad role model. My husband too dislikes exercise so that makes us all five of us terrible! When I see how much people seem to enjoy their gym and their power walking I cant believe that they are doing this because they want to do it.

    44. I totally understand about the working out fun for sure!

      I want to read Maynard's newest now!!!

    45. I use the same excuses to avoid walking, but I throw in "I won't walk if I'm too tired" also! LOL! My husband told me that I probably wouldn't feel so tired if I actually did go work out. He's right, but after 13+ hours at work, I'm just...too tired. :-)

    46. Yay for getting good news at the doctor. Granted, I understand not wanting to hear the dread word - exercise! :)

      I love to do yoga but know that I also should do more walking.

    47. I used to hate to exercise but I've been converted! I love to run now. It gives me so much energy. I've never felt better since I was in my 20's and I'm almost 50 (well I will be in 3 short years). I'd say based on your results you are very healthy so if you have to exercise a bit, maybe you can listen to an audio book while you do it and make it more palatable!

    48. I mean to exercise, but I often don't get to it...I really don't enjoy it.

    49. Congratulations on all the awards! I love exercise. I love, love, love exercise. LOL.


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