Monday, March 23, 2015

Finding Spring; Carin Berger

 Finding Spring; Carin Berger
Greenwillow Books - 2015

After a rough winter, I was happy to find this new for 2015 title on my library book shelf. 

In this story a mother bear tires to convince her little cub, Maurice, that it's time to hibernate and sleep the winter away. Maurice has other ideas though, and while mama bear sleeps, Maurice ventures off to explore alone. [yikes wrong message here IMO]

While little Maurice is off on his own he meets other critters along the way and some mysterious white flakes falling from the sky as well.  He's convinced he has found spring. He finds his way back home to his mother bringing a snowball with him.  Once home he dozes off to sleep, and when he wakes he finds that his snowball has melted -- can spring be far away?

My favorite part of this book was the fantastic illustrations and handcut art work that details the forest and the change of seasons.  The story was cute enough, but honestly, to me it seemed to send the wrong message -- a little one sneaking out to explore while his mother slept.

the illustrations are even more beautiful up close

3.5/5 stars
(library book)

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  1. I love these illustrations!! Although running off while mama is sleeping is a big no-no~


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