Thursday, April 2, 2015

Coming Soon to a Book Store Near You - I Don't Have a Happy Place; Kim Korson

I'm looking forward to this book which releases later this month.

Gallery Books - April - 2015
When a trip to the therapist ends with the question “Can’t Kim be happy?” Kim Korson responds the way any normal person would—she makes fun of it. Because really, does everyone have to be happy?

Aside from her father wearing makeup and her mother not feeling well (a lot), Kim Korson’s 1970s suburban upbringing was typical. Sometimes she wished her brother were an arsonist just so she’d have a valid excuse to be unhappy. And when life moves along pretty decently--she breaks into show business, gets engaged in the secluded jungles of Mexico, and moves her family from Brooklyn to dreamy rural Vermont—the real despondency sets in. It’s a skill to find something wrong in just about every situation, but Kim has an exquisite talent for negativity. It is only after half a lifetime of finding kernels of unhappiness where others find joy that she begins to wonder if she is even capable of experiencing happiness.

In I Don’t Have a Happy Place, Kim Korson untangles what it means to be a true malcontent. Rife with evocative and nostalgic observations, unapologetic realism, and razor-sharp wit, I Don’t Have a Happy Place is told in humorous, autobiographical stories. This fresh-yet-dark voice is sure to make you laugh, nod your head in recognition, and ultimately understand what it truly means to be unhappy. Always.


  1. I'm going back and forth on this one - yes, no, yes, no.... I'm intrigued but a little afraid it will make me feel - unhappy.

  2. Wow, intense but humorous, hmm. I will say up front that I currently am seeing a therapist, but I'm not a malcontent like the author :) This might be interesting for me, and thanks for sharing because I'd never heard of it.

  3. I have been depressed...on and off. But I choose to look for the happiness in life, especially now, after seeing so much darkness in my career for many years.

    This does sound like a good book, though. Thanks!

  4. I was this person in my early 20s. I had a tough childhood and managed to see the light but once I was out of it, I became Debbie Downer and found fault in everything and everyone. I didn't even realize it. I covered it up with sarcasm and razor sharp comments. I'm not even sure how I pulled myself out of it. I'd read this. I could probably relate to a lot of it.

  5. Oh, this one is new to me and one I can see myself really getting into. I'll have to add it to my list as a reminder to be on the lookout for the release.

  6. That sounds rather interesting!


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