Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Adventures of Beekle, the Unimaginary Friend; Dan Santat

Dan Santat (Little Brown Young Readers) - 2014
Caldecott Medal Winner

Beekle is the cutest imaginary creature ever, but he's very lonely where he lives on his island with other creatures like himself.  He is waiting patiently to be "imagined" by a child. One day he ventures to the real world. Everywhere he goes he sees little kids having fun playing, but why doesn't any of them choose him for a friend he wonders?  He wants his life to have meaning.

One day he climbs high up in a tree where other kids have climbed hoping to be noticed and chosen as a friend.  It's here that he meets shy little Alice who is all by herself and longing for a friend of her own. Beekle and Alice are the perfect match for happy days ahead, as neither has every had a friend before.

This is a beautiful story and message with plenty to discuss with your little one as you read. The illustrations are vivid and imaginative as well. I can see why this one was an award winner.

5/5 stars
(library book)


  1. This really does sound like a great book for children, and I'm not surprised that it's won awards!

  2. I love the cover illustrations.


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