Friday, October 14, 2016

The Heavens May Fall; Allen Eskens

The Heavens May Fall; Allen Eskens
Seventh Street Books - 2016

Detective Max Rupert (Guise of Another) is back and is as good as ever in this part mystery, part crime and part legal thriller. 

Max is still struggling with the hit and run death of his wife Jenni and, on the one year anniversary of her death, he's been assigned to a murder case. The victim is Jennavieve Pruitt, and her attorney husband Ben seems to be the prime suspect, although there are others who might want her dead as well.

Meanwhile,  attorney Boady Sanden,  Rupert’s longtime friend, has been hired by Ben Pruitt to defend him in the murder trial. Boady is dealing with his own demons after an innocent man he represented was sent to prison.  After that incident Boady gave up practicing law and took a job teaching it instead but, Ben convinces him to take his case.  Max and Boady now find themselves with very different opinions about the guilt versus innocence of Ben Pruitt.

This story is told from both Max and Boady’s opposing POVs and, the story divided into sections : The Death, The Defense and The Trial.  The story is well written, with characters who come across as very human and compelling. The mystery itself kept me wondering and, who doesn't loved a surprise ending?

Allen Eskens is one author who has never disappointed, readers who love mystery and crime novels should give this one a try. I also enjoyed, The Life We Bury and The Guise of Another by this author. BTW -  It's not necessary to read these books in a particular order.

5/5 stars
(review copy)


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I read The Life We Bury earlier this year and found it a good mystery. Actually I read that one with my book group and for the most part it received high marks!

  2. I just read and loved The Life We Bury. I want more of Eskens work and I want more of Joe and Lila.

  3. I read-- and enjoyed very much-- The Life We Bury a few months ago. I'm glad to see he has other books out to look for and they're stand-alones. I sometimes lose track of a new author when all they have out is one book, so I didn't bother keeping my eye out for future titles. He's certainly got a great writing style!

    1. Rita, yes, no need to read in order - all are good stories.

  4. I am reading my way through quite a few mystery/crime series currently but it is always good to hear of another one that readers enjoy.

  5. That sounds really good and I think we're off to Amazon.

  6. 5 stars, eh? I loved The Life We Bury, so I'm eager to read his other two. Good to know they're just as good!

  7. This looks excellent but I do prefer to read books with the same characters in order. Off to add it to my list.


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