Friday, November 4, 2016

Q is for QUIZ - feel free to play along

I haven't participated in one of these quizzes in a number of years so after seeing this on Vicki's blog I decided to give (at least part of it) a try.

Have you ever?

  • Fired a Gun – no thanks, not in this lifetime
  • Been Married - yes, a few times
  • Fell in Love - yes, a few times
  • Gone on a blind date - yes
  • Skipped school - yes, senior year, a few times
  • Watched someone give birth - yes, worked in a labor and delivery room years ago
  • Watched someone die - yes, my mother
  • Been to Canada - yes
  • Ridden in an ambulance - no
  • Been to Hawaii - no
  • Been to Europe - yes, France & Switzerland
  • Been to Las Vegas - yes
  • Been to Washington, D.C. - yes
  • Been to Nashville - yes, on business
  • Visited Florida - many times
  • Visited Mexico - yes
  • Seen Grand Canton in person - no
  • Flown in a helicopter - no
  • Partied so hard you puked - yes decades ago
  • Been on a cruise - no thanks
  • Served on a jury - no
  • Been in a movie - no
  • Been to New York City - yes, many times
  • Been to Los Angeles - no
  • Played in a band - no
  • Sang karaoke - no, you wouldn't want to hear me sing, trust me
  • Made Prank phone calls - yes, as a kid
  • Had children - yes, 2
  • Had a pet - yes,  mostly cats
  • Been sledding on a big hill - yes
  • Been water skiing - no
  • Rode on a motorcycle - no thanks
  • Traveled to all 50 states - just 31
  • Jumped out of a plane - another, no thanks
  • Been to a drive in movie - yes
  • Rode an elephant - no
  • Rode a horse - no
  • Been on TV - no
  • Been in the newspaper - a few times
  • Stayed in the hospital - yes, childbirth
  • Donated blood - no
  • Gotten a piercing - yes
  • Gotten a tattoo - no
  • Driven a stick shift - yes
  • Drive over 100 MPH - no
  • Been scuba diving - no
  • Rode in the back of a police car - no
  • Gotten a speeding ticket - yes, a few
  • Lived on your own - no
  • Broken a bone - no
  • Gotten stitches - no
  • Traveled alone - just on business

Feel free to play along!


  1. Fun to find out new facts about a respected blogger! Thanks for sharing this. I have some different answers than you, but I guess most are the same :)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed that you've never broken a bone or had to have stitches!

    1. Nope, I was a chicken as a kid and very cautious as an adult as well.

  3. That is quite a quiz! My Dad hasn't been to Hawaii or had kids.

  4. Oh this one is fun! I am going to have to try it too.

  5. Diane, many of our answers are the same, but many are different also. I hope you will try karaoke--it is great fun. Terrific post!

  6. I think I should take the quiz as notes for my memoir! Good writing exercise.

  7. Many of my bucket list things are on this list! I've jumped out of a plane, but it was on the ground! LOL

  8. Traveling alone is a strange thing. Like you, I've only done it for business. I always carry a book so I don't feel along during the meals.

  9. Fun list Diane. Most of my answers are like yours.

  10. Diane, Always a good idea to take inventory occasionally.


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