Monday, July 27, 2020

3 fun kids books to keep them entertained this summer - Candlewick Press, Nosy Crow

The Same but Different Too; Karl Newson (Ill. Kate Hindley)
Nosy Crow (2020)
(ages 2-5)

A delightful look at things children have in common with others yet, how very different we are as well.  Lovely illustrations - so colorful and fun. The illustrator does a fantastic job comparing small children to a multitude of critters - fun rhymes as well!

Nosy Crow (2019)
(Ages 10+)

Although targeted for ages 10+, our granddaughters 6 and 8 thought this was a fun book.  It takes a look at plenty of jobs someone might do that sound quirky, weird and sometimes fun especially to a child).  How about: fortune cookie writer, nail polish namer, mattress tester jumper and plenty more?  This book is so well illustrated and includes a short description of each job. I love that it challenges young children to be creative and think big.

Candlewick 2020
(ages 5-9)

The the kids or grandkids say they are bored, this is the perfect book to surprise them with.  It's a hardcover with a huge collection of favorite searches, games and activities.  It's a great book for car travel and includes plenty of 5-minute challenges like: math problems, word mazes, airport mazes, look for lost luggage challenges and messages to decode. There are colorful canines asking you to find specific ones, brain busters, bingo, number crunching and even messages in a bottle. How about coloring caves, skull and crosswords, memory games, word wheels and buried bones?

Over 200 pages of fun things and answers provided as well. A bargain book of fun and so well illustrated!


  1. These sound like books that could certainly fill an important need in this summer of the pandemic. I truly feel for parents of young kids during this time. How difficult that must be and books can definitely help.

  2. They look good. I would really love the Where's Waldo? book. Kids books are helping keep me entertained this summer too!

  3. What terrific sounding books for kids!

  4. Kids books are so wonderful and these look like gems. I never got into the Waldo books and only saw them at the dentist office.

  5. I'm definitely going to check out the Incredible Jobs book. What fun!


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