Friday, November 6, 2020

Book Review - Polar Bear in the Snow; Mac Barnett (Ill. Shawn Harris)


A Polar Bear in the Snow; Mac Barnett (Ill. Shawn Harris)
Candlewick Press - 2020

A polar bear asleep blends in with the snow, that is until he begins to wake and shows us his dark-colored nose and then is dark eyes and finally his full form. But, where is he going on his journey? Each turn of the page makes the wonder what adventure does the polar bear have in store. Is he traveling to visit the seals or, perhaps he just wants to play?

Sometimes simplicity is everything and, this book is a perfect example. I liked the simple text and the illustrations. Cleverly illustrated with a paper cut and ink design that makes the landscape look quite barren but, then as we turn a page we see the deep blue sea for contrast.

This is a sweet winter treat to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace or with a nice cup of hot cocoa. (Pre-K to Grade 1)

Rating - 4.5/5 stars

Thanks to Candlewick Press for sending this book my way in exchange for my unbiased review


  1. That sounds so cute and the cover is adorable, we love polar bears!

  2. Sounds like a book all kids would enjoy, adults would too I think.

  3. That cover illustration is adorable.

  4. I agree with several others cover.

  5. Sounds so cute! And I do love polar bears. :)

  6. Lovely. And the examples we see of the illustrations look inspired.

  7. Kids books are so wonderful and I like the two illustrations you showed are great.


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