Thursday, May 21, 2009

Library Loot - Fun Summer Reads

It seems like all my reserved books have arrived at the same time, and I just know that some will have to be returned unread in 2 weeks :( Here they are:

  1. Beach Trip: A Novel ;Cathy Holton
  2. Life Without Summer: A Novel;Lynne Griffin
  3. Wildwater Walking Club, The;Claire Cook
  4. Hello Goodbye: A Novel; Emily Chenoweth
  5. Into the Beautiful North: A Novel; Luis Alberto Urrea

Which of these would you read first?


  1. What a great stash! I have the first four on my TBR list, and three of them at my house...the only one I have read/started reading is Hello Goodbye, and I'm really enjoying it!

  2. That is exactly what's happening with me at the moment! Yesterday I returned four read and three unread. Now I still have three unread here, which are due next week. Most likely I will be able to read only one of the three. Lol.

    For your first read, I'm voting for Into the Beautiful North (which I have on my TBR, too). :D

  3. Hello Goodbye and Into the Beautiful North both look really good!

  4. Hi Diane, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm always happy to find a fellow bookworm.

    I would start with Hello Goodbye. I just read a review in our paper last Sunday and it sounds very good.

    I would have to return some of them unread, too. Spending most of my time gardening and spring cleaning!

  5. Lol - I understand about the library books - I currently have about 20 library books to be read between now and end of June. It seems that everything time I return a book or two - there are 3 or 4 waiting for me ot pu.

    From your list I would start with Into The Beautiful North


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