Friday, December 30, 2011

Hugs from Pearl; Paul Schmid

Title: Hugs From Pearl
Author and Illustrator:  Paul Schmid 
Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Harper Collins 
Edition: Hardcover 
Source: Amazon Vine 
Date Completed: 12/29/2011 
Rating: 3/5 
Recommend: not sure

Hugs From Pearl is a story for very young children. It's about a porcupine who is not happy with who she is, so she tries to change to please others.  She loves to hug, but when she hugs her classmates at the Wildwood school, they always yell, "ouch" and end up needing a bandaid after each hug -- those quills hurt! 

She tries long baths to soften her quills, she puts pin cushions on her quills, and nothing does the trick. One day she takes a special rose covered pillowcase of her moms, takes a pair of scissors to it and and she uses it as a dress to cover her quills -- problem solved.

I have to say that I sort of scratched my head after reading this book as I'm not sure it sends the right message to young children: trying to change who you are to please others, and also taking things that don't belong to you and using a pair of scissors on them??

The illustrations are simple, but cute (black and white with splotches of pink), and the pages are pastels (light blue and mint green). 

All in all I have to say that although it is a cute book, it is not one that would go on the favorites shelf to be read over and over again. 


  1. That does seem like a rather odd message for kids. The cover's awfully darn cute, though.

  2. I agree with you that the message is sort of strange, but I love the cover, and perhaps would peruse this one on the shelf if I saw it. Great and candid review today!

  3. Sounds like a cute book, but I would have to agree with your thoughts on this one. Why would you ever want to your child to change so other's would like them more.

  4. The illustrations (judging from the cover) are adorable! Maybe the message is not to change for others?

  5. Dangit Pearl! I was expecting more from you, seeing as how you're so cute and all.


  6. Hmm. That sounds really strange. Maybe the author was going for "be careful not to hurt others?" But it does sound very confusing. Thanks for the review!

  7. I agree, it doesn't seem to send the right message.

  8. Like your other commenters, I agree that this is not what I would have thought should have been the point of a children's book. I actually thought it was going to be something like her classmates figured out a way to be close to her just as she was.

    Too bad the text didn't live up to the cover!

    Hope you have a happy and healthy New Year Diane :)

  9. that message is definitely not one I have given to my children!! But the porcupine is cute!!

  10. Suko and Col, I guess you could spin this one in different directions. I took it as trying to change yourself to please others.


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