Sunday, August 10, 2008

117 - The Mistress's Daughter; A M Home

I enjoy reading memoirs so I though I would give this book a shot.

The audio version was PAINFUL (as in oh, my can I possibly listen to yet another disc) --the voice so dry and monotone with long pauses between words in some instances. The reader almost sounded like she was in a deep deep state of depression and could not go on a minute more. It took me 2 months to finish. I kept thinking it would get better but it never did. Fortunately, I did not pay good money for this so all I was out was for my wasted time.

In brief before A.M. Homes was born, she was put up for adoption. Her birth mother was a twenty-two- year-old single woman who was having an affair with a much older married man with children of his own. The Mistress's Daughter is the story of what happened when, thirty years later, her birth parents came looking for her. It's a sad look at adoption in my opinion.

Rating - 1/5 (just awful) - Completed - 8/8/2008

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