Sunday, August 10, 2008

118 - The Spiritualist; Megan Chance

I do not read many historical novels, but a few years ago a friend raved about An Inconvenient Wife by Megan Chance. I read the book and just loved it! Soon after I read Susannah Morrow, also by Megan Chance, (Salem Witchcraft) and was also pleased.

Her latest book The Spiritualist was released in May 2008, and it was excellent. Set in 1857 in New York City, I could not put it down. From the paranormal fun of séances, spiritualists, murders, and dangerous secrets galore, this was a great read. Megan Chance has successfully recreated the time and feel of old New York by accurately depicting the societal norms and beliefs, and the desperation of the living to maintain contact with loved ones who have passed. This novel has many twists and turns to keep readers enthralled to the very surprising and satisfying end.

Rating - 5/5 - Completed - 8/10/08

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  1. oh...this sounds good. I love the paranormal and I love historical fiction novels. I'll be looking into this book.

    btw - love the picture used in the title area of your blog


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