Tuesday, August 26, 2008

126 - The Richest Season; Maryann McFadden

Sometimes you have to leave your life to find yourself again........

I enjoyed this book a lot and I was drawn to the book,
The Richest Season, by Mary McFadden, by its beautiful cover art.

Joanna Harrison is a middle aged, empty nester corporate wife, who runs away from her seemingly perfect life after she learns that once again, her husband Paul's promotion will mean yet another move to a locale where she will face loneliness in a new community. Joanna decides to leave her home in Sparta, New Jersey for a beautiful beach community she summered at when she was young. On Pawley's Island, South Carolina , Joanna begins life again. She answers an ad and takes a job caring for Grace, a dying elderly woman. We watch as Joanna becomes more independent and she and Grace find themselves becoming closer as Joanna tries to embrace her new life and Grace tries to come to terms with the end of hers. There are some peaceful, touching moments in the book, my favorite being the anticipation of the hatching of the loggerhead turtle babies on the beach (I saw this happen in Aruba......it was so awesome).

A third part of the story (my least favorite) involves Paul, Joanna's husband. Paul shows up at Pawley's Island after he loses his job when his company is acquired in a merger. Now it is his turn to do a little soul searching. He travels and spends time with their grown children, discovers some interests and, conveniently, becomes comfortable with who he is.

The ending was predictable, but all the many good things about this book made up for that.

RATING - 4.5/5 - COMPLETED - 8/25/08

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