Monday, December 15, 2008

199 - Feng Shui for Today's Living; Mary Lambert

I've heard lots of talk about the calming effects of Feng Shui, and since that is what I need right about now, I decided to try Lambert's 2008 book: Feng Shui for Todays Living.

Feng shui — which literally translates to "wind and water" — is the ancient Chinese art of placement. The goal is to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and to create harmonious environments that support health, beckon wealth and invite happiness. At its most basic level, feng shui is a decorating discipline based on the belief that our surroundings affect us. (Based on personal experience this is so true for me at least).

All of us respond to colors, yet the use of some colors seem to work with more success than others. As an example, the Chinese believe that red brings luck, probably the reason that Chinese brides wear scarlett. They paint their front doors red as an invitation to happiness. Pinks, plums and purples would have the same effect. Green is considered to be a color of freshness, growth and peace, which makes it ideal for a bedroom. Dark greens, and other dark colors, are considered too heavy for indoor use. Light blues work well, but dark blue shades are thought to make one too introspective. Yellow, the color of the sun signifies longevity. White is a symbol of death for the Chinese. Overuse of white can deliver too much cold energy. It is important to add pots of colorful flowers and other touches of color to offset this effect.

Our homes and offices, in line with Feng shui philosophy, can be thought of as a metaphor for our lives. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Get rid of the old and make room for the new! Declutter, declutter, declutter to restore clam and harmony to your life.

Whether you buy into feng shui's philosophies or not, many of its principles simply make good design sense. Simple feng shui principles can make your interiors look great and feel fabulous to live in. Room by room, feng shui expert Mary Lambert shows you exactly what to do to achieve a look that’s cool, uncluttered, and truly you. She shows you how to combine element colors and shapes for a harmonious atmosphere, and how to let go of your junk to energize your space. I must admit that just reading this book and focusing on it's colorful illustrations lifted my spirits. It is a recommended book for anyone looking for peace and harmony in their home.

RATING - 5/5 - COMPLETED - 12/15/08


  1. I am trying to incorporate Feng Shui into my life and my surroundings but for whatever reason I never thought to actually read a book about it. Thanks for the review, I need some calming effects in my life as well so I will definitely read it.

  2. I live in a small apartment and am poor, so I am always looking for ways to maximize the effectiveness of my space without spending much (or any) money. And I often joke about my chi being blocked, so I'll have to check this book out. Thanks for the review.


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