Thursday, February 17, 2011

An award, a guessing game, and a Giveaway - The Midwife's Confession; Diane Chamberlain

Laurel Rain-Snow was kind enough to choose me for this award, and although I usually will just say "thank you" for thinking of me, and not follow through with a post, this one sounded fun.

I made it into a guessing game that could involve my readers.  I am to share five things about myself, with four of them partially true and partially fictitious, and is totally true.

Try to guess which one is completely true, by leaving a comment, and then come back to the post (ON SUNDAY - 2/20) in which the truth is revealed!

All those who guess the TRUE statement will be entered in a drawing (on 2/20) for a copy of:

Midwife's Confession; Diane Chamberlain
 April 26, 2011 - Mira
(I'll ship world wide for this one)
So here goes:
  1. Meryl (Mary Louise) Streep was a camp counselor at the summer camp I attended one summer in New Jersey.
  2. A good friend was killed in a jeep accident when we were in high school.
  3. I received some shocking news last week, so shocking I kept it to myself.
  4. My husband was mistaken for a famous movie actor by a limo driver in Florida.
  5. Most of the people who work at my library do not enjoy reading.
Your Turn....For a chance at the giveaway, please leave a comment with the (1) statement you believe is "totally, 100% true"......GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!  (thanks again Laurel)


  1. Much as it pains me, I have to say #5 is the truth.

  2. I LOVE Diane Chamberlain!

    My guess #1-
    Meryl (Mary Louise) Streep was a camp counselor at the summer camp I attended one summer in New Jersey.

    But I'm having second thoughts... maybe it is #2. Would you really remember who your camp counselors were? If your memory is as bad as mine, I think not! :)

  3. Oh, what a fun game...I'm guessing #4...your husband was mistaken for a famous movie star....

    Thanks for making your post into such a fun event!

  4. given my own life experiences I am sadly going to say that #2 is true

  5. Hmmm....sadly, having worked in a library, I'll pick #5 - Most of your coworkers don't enjoy reading. My coworkers were about 50-50 on reading.

  6. I will also say that number 5 is the truth.

  7. I am going to guess #5 as well. Quite a few at my library are there just 'cause it's a job and don't have a problem letting you know it.

  8. I'm going to guess #2, "A good friend was killed in a jeep accident when we were in high school." It seems like the true statement because the memory of such a tragedy would stick with you, although it wouldn't necessarily be something most people would know. Then again, I'm secretly hoping it's #4 just because it would make for a good story!

  9. I have no idea, so I'll make a wild guess and say, #4!

  10. I laughed at #5 and hope it isn't true. Meryl Streep a counselor? My guess is #4.

  11. How about No. 2? Sad but it happens all too frequently. I dropped in to let you know I have my Coronado post up today.

  12. Nobody has guessed #3, so I will (even though I think it's probably #1). I checked when you first mentioned the book and was frustrated that my library does NOT have The Midwife's Confession, so I would love to win it.

  13. My guess is #1 --- I hope it is. And I want more info!

  14. I'm going to go with #4 on this one, just because it sounds so fun! Although #5 was my initial pick....hmmmm....way to keep us guessing, LOL!

  15. I think #2 is the "totally true" statement.

  16. Well, this is fun! I'm going to go with #4 Husband was mistaken for a famous movie actor. My husband was once mistaken for a rock musician and he played that up for all it was worth... even signing autographs! I know, naughty.

  17. I'm going to say #3, because I have absolutely no idea. What a fun idea!

  18. This is so much fun, clearly I don't know you enough to narrow down this list so it's a complete guess :). I don't think you know most of the people who work at your library so I'm elimating this one. And I hope the shocking news is not true, in less it's good shocking.

    I'm guessing number 4. Either way, I'm adding this book to my TBR list.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. I hope I'm not too late to play!

    My guess is #4!

    These are some great statements! It's very hard to pick one!


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