Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Biggest Kiss; Joanna Walsh, author and Judi Abbot, illustrator

Title: The Biggest Kiss
Author:  Joanna Walsh
Illustrator: Judi Abbot
Publication Year: 2011 
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Kids 
Edition: hardcover 
Source: Amazon Vine
Date Completed: 12/1/2011 
Rating: 4/5 
Recommend: yes

The Biggest Kiss, written by Joanna Walsh and illustrated by Judi Abbot is a really sweet book, but one intended for the very very young toddlers.  There are very few words in this book, but the colorful, whimsical illustrations still make it a delightful bedtime story for your favorite little one.

As the title implies, it's all "about KISSES both big and small....but who has the best kiss of all?"

Bunnies, birds, frogs, dogs, ants, elephants, fish worms, bears? What about snow kisses and rain kisses? They count too.

It's a fun story, a quick before bed story. One that I'm sure will end with the best kiss ever, the one you give to your special little person before they drift off to sleep.


  1. What a cute book with a cute cover!

  2. I know the perfect recipient for this book, and may have to grab it for her for Christmas. It sounds like the perfect read for a little one, and I just love that elephant on the cover!

  3. I love the cover too! Sounds like a great one for C.

  4. Well I di have a young young toddler around here who loves his animals. Bet he'd like this one.


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