Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Magical Christmas Horse; Mary Higgins Clark with Wendell Minor (illustrator)

Title: The Magical Christmas Horse 
Author:  Mary Higgins Clark 
Illustrator: Wendell Minor
Publication Year: 2011 
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Kids 
Edition: hardcover 
Source: sent and signed by author and illustrator 
Date Completed: 12/1/2011 
Rating: 5/5 
Recommend: yes

Do you like sweet old-fashion Christmas stories?  If so, I think you will really like this 2011 Christmas book, written by Mary Higgins Clark, and illustrated by the very talented Wendell Minor.

Eight year-old Johnny Alvern, little brother Liam and their parents live in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year Johnny's dream of returning to the home where his father was born in Connecticut comes true. His family is off to visit his grandparents for Christmas. His grandmother and grandfather live in an old cozy farm house. The holiday festivities are reminiscent of an old fashion Christmas, complete with cookies baking and a Christmas tree farm for cutting down their own tree.  The one thing Johnny remembers that will make this holiday special for his little brother is an old fashion wooden horse that Johnny recalled seeing in his grandparent's attic. However, where Johnny searches for the horse, the one he remembered seems to be in a sad state of disrepair.  Johnny isn't so sure that his brother's Christmas will be as special as he had hoped after all.

Of course, all the children's books I've ever read have seemed to have a happy ending, and this one is no exception.  It's a nice story, and a beautiful book, but what makes it so special are the gorgeous illustrations.  The colors and sketches are beautiful and reminded me of quieter and simpler times. This book is a keeper!


  1. I had no idea Mary Higgins Clark has written a children's book. This sounds really sweet!

  2. That is a beautiful cover and looks like it would make a great gift book.

  3. I didn't know either! Judging from the cover, I bet the illustrations are gorgeous!

  4. I've seen this one advertised, but haven't seen an actual copy of the book. I love beautifully illustrated books. Sounds like I need to get a copy of this for the grandkids. Thanks for the review.

  5. This does sound like a wonderful Christmas book, and I will be keeping my eye out for it this season. Great review on this one today! It looks like a great read!

  6. Oh wow, this sounds fantastic! I love Mary Higgins Clark, how nice that I can share her with my (young) kids.


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