Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Comet's Tale; Steven Wolf with Lynette Padwa

Author:  Steven Wolf with Lynette Padwa
Publication Year: 2012
Publisher: Algonquin
Edition: eGalley  
Source: NetGalley
Date Completed: October/2012
Rating: 4/5 
Recommend: yes

I'm always a sucker for spirited animal stories so Comet's Tale seemed to be a good choice.  It's a story about a physically broken man and an abused greyhound.

The author, Steven Wolf, a once physically active former attorney, had no choice but to retire early at the age of 42, when he was stricken with a debilitating spinal condition.  Upon the suggestion someone he meets, he decides to adopt a retired racing dog who like many dogs of this breed, had been confined to a cage all of his life. The sad eyes of one particular greyhound, made the decision easy for him.   Comet, was the former racing dog, and little did the author realize at the time, both desperately needed each other for different reasons.

Once adopted, Comet, the shy, mistrustful dog had to learn the very basics of what most dogs learn as puppies.  Wolf had the patience necessary to teach Comet that not every human is to be feared and that there is a better world outside of the confines of a cage.  As if the two were meant to be together, Wolf's health condition soon takes a downhill turn after adopting Comet. Before long the author soon needs more help with very basic tasks that many of us take for granted. It is at this point when Comet is taught to perform certain tasks, like those performed by other service dogs. Before long Comet becomes a valuable and necessary part of his daily life -- it's a touching experience to read about.

It's one of those stories where some unexpected misfortune strikes, and a decision must be made. We can either be depressed and grumble about the "lemons of life", or act to make the best of the situation and enjoy the "lemonade" instead.  The author is a sympathetic individual, who was forced to move to the West (AZ) because of his health issues, while his family remained on the East Coast for work and school.  I liked reading all the details the author shared about the greyhound breed, even the sad details about life as a racing dog.
I was happy I had a chance to read this story, it was a nice break for all the fiction I've been reading, and it made me appreciate my health as well as my relationship with my pets all the more.


  1. Pets and dogs in particular seem to have really healing and helpful spirits, and I can imagine that this is what Steven found out when he took a chance on Comet. I know that my own dogs are both beloved and also helpful to me at times. This sounds like a wonderful memoir. Very nice review today!

  2. Seems like they needed each other so much.

  3. Wow! The author's story sounds truly amazing. I love that he made such a sincere connection with this dog and that together they were able to really make an impact on each other's lives!!

  4. I love animal stories like this so this book sounds right down my alley.

  5. I love dogs but have trouble reading true stories sometimes. My heart tends to turn to mush.
    Did you get my email w/ address?

  6. This sounds very good! Animals are the best companions. Wonderful review, Diane!

  7. As the owner (the owned?) of a rescued greyhound, this is a MUST READ for me. I've just requested it from the library. Thanks for bringing the book to my attention, Diane!

  8. Probably won't read it but love that these two heal each other. Dogs are amazing! Another great book for dog people is The Art of Racing in the Rain.

  9. I always end up in tears when I read animal stories. This one sounds like it might be more of an inspiring dog story. I may have to give this one a try. That face in irresistible!

  10. Another good tale that show how good dogs are as pets/companions.

  11. I am not sure where I saw this book-however it is one I want to read-I always like happy stories.


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