Friday, November 29, 2013

November Reading Wrap Up

Except for going to the library to pick up a few audiobooks today, I totally vegged out.  Feeling stuffed like that big bird we feasted on yesterday, but we still ate and enjoyed more turkey leftovers tonight.  I started a new book today, but don't plan on finishing anything else this month so thought I'd post my November reads.

(13) books completed - mostly 2013 fiction releases (arcs or eGalley)
(4) arc/audiobook combinations
(2) kids books (eBooks)
(1) non fiction (eGalley) 
  1. The Rosie Project; Graeme Simsion - 3.5/5 - (audiobook and arc) (Nov-2013)  
  2. The Night Guest; Fiona McFarlane - 4.5/5 - arc - (Nov-2013)
  3. The Last Winter of Dani Lancing; P.D. Viner - 2/5 -arc- Nov - 2013)
  4. The Runaway Hug; Nick Bland 3.5/5 - eGalley (Nov-2013)
  5. The Bad Birthday Idea; Madeline Valentine - 4.5/5 - eGalley (Nov-2013)
  6. I Am Pusheen the Cat; Clare Belton - 4/5 - eGalley (Nov-2013)
  7. My Own Miraculous; Joshilyn Jackson - 4.5/5 (eBook) (Nov-2013) 
  8. Someone Else's Love Story; Joshilyn Jackson - 4/5 (arc) (Nov-2013)
  9. We Are Water; Wally Lamb - 4/5 (eGalley & audio) (Nov 2013) 
  10. Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You; Peter Cameron 5/5 (audio) Nov 2013 - Favorite of the Month
  11. Survival Lessons; Alice Hoffman - 4/5 (eGalley) - Nov 2013 
  12. Enon; Paul Harding - 3.5/5 stars - (arc/audio) - Nov 2013
  13. Claire of the Sea Light; Edwidge Danticat - 4/5 (arc/eGalley) - Nov 2013
2013 YTD -  145
December Plans -  Even though December is busy month, I expect to fave plenty of free time for reading since I'm off work from December 20th through January 5th. 

I really want to read these (7) books for sure:
Other possibilities - 
How was your month? Do you have any year end plans? 


  1. Lots of good reads this month! Good luck with your plans for December!

  2. Great reading month! We have read some of the same books (but I didn't read mine this month). I see you have The Preservationist on your "want to read" list. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. You had an awesome reading month. I want to listen to the audio of The Rosie Project. I also want to do more reading in December since I have time off too with the kids but last year we were out every day and I barely got any reading done in December. Hopefully this year will be calmer!

  4. I can't believe it's December tomorrow--I'm still talking about how I plan such-and-such book later in the year. As is typical, I grossly underestimate how much reading time I actually have.

    ELeanor and Park is on my list too--maybe I'll go the audio route as well.

    Enjoy your time off in December!

  5. Awesome month as always! Happy December reading!

  6. This month's reading added a few books to my TBR pile! I am in the middle of The Rosie Project and am enjoying it so far. I got behind with my reading due to the wedding and then back issues, but the books are patient! Have a great December of reading.

  7. What a great reading month! My November was a very slow month but let's see what December brings! Hope you have great reads this month!

  8. I need a good "veg" day... I ran all weekend. Looks likesweet! your November was sweet!

  9. Would you believe I haven't read any of your books! The Rosie Project has been on my radar for a while.

    Book Dilettante

  10. You had a good month Diane. I haven't done updates for so long but I should. I'll have to pop into your review for The Rosie Project. I really liked that book.

  11. Oh my, this is a wonderful reading list. You put me to shame as I have really slacked off on the reading lately. I need to sit down with a good book and get back into the groove. I will pick something out here and treat myself :) Thanks Diane and have a great week.

  12. I am hopeful that I may finish a book, any book, this month! I'm worried that it might not happen.
    I love how you plan your month, I should probably start doing that to keep me on track.


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