Monday, March 24, 2014

My Dad Thinks He's Funny; Katrina Germein (Tom Jellett - illustrator)

Katrina Germein (author)_Tom Jellett - Illustrator
Candlewick Press - 2013

Funny dads anyone? My Dad Thinks He's Funny, is told from the perspective of a little boy.  Each page begins with the statement, “My dad thinks he’s funny.”  Admittedly, most of these corny saying are ones we adults have heard over and over again, but if you think back to childhood, some of them were pretty darn funny and made for special memories with our dad. Examples of the funny dad's humor are:
  • When young son tells dad "my finger hurts". Dad says, "Let's chop it off". When son says "my foot hurts", dad says, "No problem. You've got another." 
  •  When mom says to the young boy, "come and give me a kiss gorgeous," dad says, "I'll be right there".
  • A fun book full of sarcasm and eye-rolling sayings at the turn of each page.
  • This children's book is for kids ages 5 through 8 years, but I even think kids a bit younger might enjoy this one.
  • I think kids will LOVE this one, but some parents may want to "misplace it" after hearing the silliness once too often.
The illustrations were very quirky, in a good way, especially the facial expressions of both father and young son. Many of the facial sketches are done on graph paper with what looks like crayons, chalk and charcoal. The drawings are simple, but actually seem perfect for this type of book.

A fun read - This book would make a great dad's day gift for the " new dad", especially if "he thinks he is funny."

4/5 stars.  (library book)


  1. Yes, I do think this would appeal to the "younger set", most of all. Fun review today, Diane!

  2. This looks like so much fun. I'll have to see if my library has it.

  3. Ha, so true about wanting to "misplace" books after a while!

  4. I thought this book was really cute too.


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