Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You; Summerlong; Dean Bakopoulos

I thought this is a soon to be released novel that seems like it would be a great summer or vacation choice.

Summerlong; Dean Bakopoulos
Ecco-June 17, 2015


The author of Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon and My American Unhappiness delivers his breakout novel: a deft and hilarious exploration of the simmering tensions beneath the surface of a contented marriage which explode in the bedrooms and backyards of a small town over the course of a long, hot summer.
In the sweltering heat of one summer in a small Midwestern town, Claire and Don Lowry discover that married life isn’t quite as they’d predicted.
One night Don, a father of three, leaves his house for an evening stroll, only to wake up the next morning stoned, and sleeping in a hammock next to a young woman he barely knows. His wife, Claire, leaves the house on this same night to go on a midnight run—only to find herself bumming cigarettes and beer outside the all-night convenience store.
As the summer lingers and the temperature rises, this quotidian town’s adults grow wilder and more reckless while their children grow increasingly confused. Claire, Don, and their neighbors and friends find themselves on an existential odyssey, exploring the most puzzling quandaries of marriage and maturity. When does a fantasy become infidelity? When does compromise become resentment? When does routine become boring monotony? Can Claire and Don survive everything that befalls them in this one summer, forgive their mistakes, and begin again?
Award-winning writer Dean Bakopoulos delivers a brutally honest and incredibly funny novel about the strange and tenuous ties that bind us, and the strange and unlikely places we find connection. Full of mirth, melancholy, and redemption,Summerlong explores what happens when life goes awry.


  1. Hmmm...well, I do like the cover. It certainly suggest summer. I'm not sure I really understand what the book is about. Are the adults getting wilder because of some outside influence or what? I'd have to know more about it. :-)

  2. I might need to get my hands on this one....looks intriguing!


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