Saturday, February 25, 2017

How To Be a Bigger Bunny; Wendell and Florence Minor

How To Be a Bigger Bunny; Wendell & Florence Minor
Katherine Tegan Books - 2017

I was so excited to open a surprise package this week from a favorite author and illustrator team, Florence and Wendell Minor. It's the perfect new addition for that special little one of yours this Easter.

Tickles is the smallest bunny in her family. She also loves to read.  Unfortunately, her siblings often forget to include her in their outdoor, bunny adventures.  Tickles tries not to let it bother her and because she loves to read and keeps busy with her favorite books and new stories, Never Give Up, How to Be a Pirate  and How to Think Your Way Out of Tricky Places.  When her family does not return after some time on her own, she ventures out looking for them and she helps them out of a bit of a mess and saves the day.  From that day on her siblings always remembered to ask her to join them on their adventures. 

A very cute story about persistence which shows us how even the tiny ones among us can accomplish big things.  This lovely book should appeal to the toddler to age 6 range. The illustrations are marvelous.


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