Friday, November 30, 2018

November in Review

November was busy month and although I read (14) books, (7) were children's books, a much easier and oftentimes, an even more enjoyable experience.

My favorite books for the month were:

November - (14) books: (7) were kids books (1) audio / (12) print (1) eBook
YTD - 2018 - 111
  1. In Pieces; Sally Field NF (personal copy) - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  2. Strike Your Heart; Amelie Nothomb  (library) - 5/5 (Nov/2018)
  3. There's a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor; Wade Bradford (personal copy) - 5/5 (Nov/2018)
  4. Heads and Tails; John Canty (personal copy) 5/5 (Nov/2018)
  5. Anne of Green Gables; L.M. Montgomery - (personal copy) 4.5/5 (Nov/2018)
  6. Vox; Christina Dalcher (library) - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  7. OK Mr. Field; Katherine Kilalea - (library) - 2.5/5 (Nov/2018)
  8. Red & Lulu; Matt Taveres - personal copy 5/5 (Nov/2018)
  9. Coming Home; Kerry Hyndman - personal copy 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  10. Little Christmas Tree; Jessica Courtney-Tickle - personal copy - 5/5 (Nov/2018)
  11. The Christmas Eve Tree; Delia Huddy - personal copy - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  12. Elevation; Stephen King - library - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  13. The Mars Room; Rachel Kushner - library audio - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
  14. The Swans of 5th Avenue; Melanie Benjamin - book group read - 4/5 (Nov/2018)
December Reading Plans (definites -- I hope)

How did your month go? Any reading plans for December?


  1. Yes, children's books often hit the spot these days.

  2. Can't wait to see what you think of Becoming.

    1. I just saw her interviews on Stephen Colbert last night. Love her! Great interview!

  3. Love how organized you are in planning your reading! I am still a hit or miss reader, whatever catches my eye or appeals to me at the moment.

  4. I'll be reading Winter in Paradise this month, too!

  5. Awesome month! I'm rereading Anne of Green Gables now. :-) Happy December!

  6. So many readers seem to be getting Michelle Obama's book. I wonder if part of that is that we wish we were still in the Obama era. Sigh...

  7. I wasn't a fan of In Pieces. I'm currently reading Elevation. I have Strike Your Heart and The Christmas Star on hold, and the Anne Of Green Gables series in my
    tbr list at the library. I see a few others in your list that I may read.

  8. November was a great reading month for you, Diane. Wow!

    I'd Rather Be Readingsounds like a book I'd enjoy reading!

  9. Great, great month you had! I am currently reading Becoming. It is even better than I thought it would be.

  10. I've read a few books by Nothomb and always enjoyed them. I need to read this one and her latest in French, also Vox! My recap is here:

  11. Wow, that *was* a good reading month. Quite fancy the sound of Alaskan Holiday so will be interested to hear what you think of that.

  12. You had a great reading month. You read a lot and liked most of what you read.

  13. It looks like November was a great reading month - a lot of 4 star + reviews.

    I had hoped to get to a couple of books you're reading in December myself - the new Jodi Picoult & of course Michelle O'Bama's book - but I think they'll be ones I get to next year, realistically. Happy reading in December! I hope the reading year ends well for you!


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