Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Week in Review

    It's a beautiful sunny day with temps expected to reach 36 degrees today. The past few days we had lots of wind reaching 50mph which kept us indoors mostly.
    Thankful  - too many things to list but, yes, I'm grateful for it all.
    Reading - Detective Inspector Huss; Helene Tursten (very good). Rules of Civility; Amor Towles (audio). I have so many books checked out from the library that I'm sure many will go back unread.
    Finished -  I finished Good Riddance; Elinor Lipman (disappointed as she's a favorite author, but, I'm giving this on a so so rating of 3/5 stars). I finished the audio Dicken's, Great Expectations (the audio version read by: Frank Muller was very good).
    Watched - The Good Doctor, and The Residents a few episodes of Law and Order and that's about it.
    The Husband's Birthday Dinner  - We had a fabulous birthday celebration for the hub on Thursday evening which started off with a celebratory toast: Cosmo for me and Crown Royal on the rocks for him, followed by: 
    SCALLOPS MARE E MONTI (appetizer - shared): 
    Pan-seared scallops nestled in a bed of sautéed wild mushrooms and sauced with a lightly spiced tangerine butter. 

    8 oz FILET MIGNON, pan-seared, topped with confit garlic, sautéed mushrooms, and a Pinot Noir wine/balsamic reduction.

     NEW YORK STYLE CHEESECAKE: Rich and creamy with a buttery graham cracker crust. Finished with pureed strawberries (shared).

    Needless to say - we didn't eat much the following day
    New To Me Stuff - I picked up this Valentine's Day heart-shaped pan that I saw in a magazine recently. Can't wait to try it this week.

    Last Week - We went to the casino on the day before the hub's birthday and I won almost $500 in just one hour. I told him I was tired of winning (LOL) so we didn't gamble very long. Honestly, I didn't want to risk losing the money.  My son, and his family were at Disney for the week and their little 4 year old  was quite happy. They also had a perfect weather week.  Friday, the other 2 sister granddaughters visited and we babysat while mom and dad had a few hours to dine - kid free. Very fun for us.
              Today - Today we are going out to brunch later.
      This Coming Week: We are actually celebrating Valentine's Day on Saturday at another favorite fine dining restaurant.
      New Books 
Hope you all had a good week!


  1. Happy birthday to your husband! This week was hot and humid here until a cold front came through on Friday and now we're freezing!

    I'm not much of a gambler so I would have quit while I was ahead too.

    Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Hubby and that special meal sure sounds yummy. Congrats on the nice win at the casino!!!

  3. What a week! Nice to find fun and good reading in February, that hardest of months. I am so looking forward to Mary Doria Russell's new one! Lucky you to already have a copy.

  4. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday!

    I had no idea that Mary Doria Russell has a new book coming out!! Squeee! I can't wait to get my hands on that one.

  5. What a lovely dinner you guys had for his birthday! Very tasty sounding. We're doing Valentine's Dinner on Wednesday this week. We have a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants in the area that our daughter and son-in-law gave us as part of Christmas. I decided to see if we could get reservations the day before Valentine's and they were available. So, looking forward to some delicious seafood and this place has excellent house salads for before. Yum. Have a good week, Diane!

  6. Good reading, relatively good weather, and a great week overall! What else is there?! :-)

  7. I’m sorry you were disappointed with the Lipman book. I remember reading It’s Like This, Cat when I was a tween. It will be interesting to see what you think about it.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration for your husband and so cool that you won! Can't wait to see how your Valentine's cake turns out!

  9. Sounds like a good week! I am curious to see what you think of Rules of Civility since it is sitting on my TBR shelf.

  10. As I've said, I do so enjoy these Sunday postings! Babysitting is the best! Cosmo was my at home drink until the state decided to stop selling my fave pineapple vodka. I like the Huss books. Have a couple to catch up on.

  11. Diane, congratulations on your casino win! Happy birthday to your husband! I love the picture of your granddaughter with Mickey and Minnie Mouse,as well as the pic of the heart-shaped pan. It sounds like you had a wonderful week.

  12. Happy birthday to your husband.
    These weekly postings give such a nice peek into your life!

  13. Having many things to be thankful & grateful for is a wonderful thing really! It sounds like you really enjoyed & celebrated your husband's birthday - nice! A lovely week to you & happy reading!

  14. Nice week! I'm glad you enjoyed Great Expectations in audio. My post is here:

  15. What a good week! SNOW SNOW and more SNOW here.... and love that valentines pan!

  16. Oh too bad about the Lipman. Always frustrating when a favorite author disappoints! I need to try Dickens on audio. I loved A Christmas Carol and would love to read more by him but Great Expectations and I were not friends. I think we might do better in audio. Love the pan and I envy your son! Disney World is one of my favorite places. Have a great week!

  17. This isn't the first so-so review I've seen of Lipman's new books. I enjoy her, too, so that's especially disappointing,

  18. That meal sounds so delicious. And $500 is nothing to joke about. I think it's good you stopped when you did.
    Disney is always fun. My son just applied for the Disney Alumni program this summer, which will be at Disneyland. Only a few are accepted. His interview is Thursday.

  19. Oooh, THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY sounds good. I'm going to add that one to my TBR list on Goodreads.

  20. Hi Diane,
    Laughed and laughed about your casino escapade. If I ever won anything, I'd be out the door. And the birthday dinner sounds fantastic.
    What did you think about Rules of Civility. I loved A Gentleman in Moscow, and own a copy of Rules, but am wondering what you thought.


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