Thursday, April 9, 2020

a couple of audiobook reviews from early March

I listened to these 2 audio books about a 4 weeks ago after my husband had listened to them. Just getting around to posting a bit about them now.

AUTHOR:  Philip Margolin
PUBLISHER: MacMillan Audio
PUB. YEAR: 2019
FORMAT: /audio/library
RATING: - 2.5/5

Not sure whether I've read this author previously, if so it was years ago.  In this suspense novel there are several story lines to digest.

In one case Robin Lockwood is a Portland attorney who is representing Randy Stark, a young woman who accused a college athlete of rape.  The man, Blaine Hastings Jr., is now in prison. When another rape occurs and the DNA is a match to Blaine's, those involved in the case are baffled. How can this be as Blaine doesn't have an identical twin?

Later Robin is appointed to defend and ex-con named Everett Henderson who is accused of killing and off duty police officer. Then we are introduced to yet another case, a new client accused of new client Douglas Armstrong who is accused of murdering his business partner.

For a fairly short novel there was way too much going on and, I thought this novel was short on substance. I would have preferred more in-depth story lines as some of this felt rushed and disjointed.

AUTHOR:  James Grippando
PUBLISHER: Harper Audio
PUB. YEAR: 2017
FORMAT: audio/library
RATING: - 4/5

Jack Swyteck series -  In this installment (haven't read others) Jack Swyteck, a Miami defense attorney is one of the good guys, he's married and has a young daughter.  As the story begins he is on his way to the airport to meet an old friend named Keith, a Hong Kong banker. Keith is accompanied by his lovely wife Isabelle (Issy) and their 8 year old daughter who needs a rare surgery to restore her hearing. Just as greetings are exchanged Keith's wife is approached and arrested. She is charged with the murder of an ex-boyfriend who she claims sexually assaulted her in college.  

Jack his his work cut out for him after agreeing to represent Issy.  The more he digs into what she has told him about the incident, the less confident he is that he's getting the whole story.

I thought the audiobook was very good and it kept me guessing. There are plenty of twists and surprises. I hadn't read any of the earlier books in the series and it really didn't seem to matter either. 


  1. I've listened to a Grippando book before and enjoyed it. I'll skip the Margolin book for sure. I hope you're staying well!

  2. One good and one not so good, not bad at all!


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