Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Where Buddy thinks to himself, "Get Off My Case - I folded the laundry, can't I rest for a while" ?


  1. LOL, he's so cute : ) Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. I have to remember that Saturday is the Pet Blogger Hop & join in. Buddy looks so sleepy and comfy - as long as he did a nice job on the laundry I think he's entitled to a bit of a nap! lol

    Great picture!
    ~ Amy

  3. Buddy looks like he has some attitude!

  4. You're right Buddy! Stand your ground! ;-)

  5. Aww so cute. I love kitty pictures :)

  6. Haha, cute! We have two (forever home) dogs (4 and 6.5) but, this weekend and week, we're fostering a 2 year old mommy and her 4 month old puppy. There is not a lot of loafing around going on in our house BUT there is much more than I thought might happen. ;O)


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