Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Human Bobby; Gabe Rotter

Author:  Gabe Rotter
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Edition: trade
Setting: California
Source: personal collection
Date Completed: September/2012
Rating: 4.5/5 
Recommend: yes

So many bloggers raved about The Human Bobby over the past year, that I just had to read it.  It also seemed like a good choice for Carl's RIP VII Challenge, and I am happy to say, it was. There's no horror and it's not scary either. If I had to classify it, I guess I would call it more of a psychological thriller.

In this story Bobby Flopkowski, is a young man whose childhood was marred by the suicide of his plumber father when he was just 15 and the death of his mom  just a few years.  Bobby was smart, and worked hard to make it through medical school. After graduation, his well-to-do medical school friend, Dicky,  invited Bobby (Doc) to join a private pediatric practice in ritzy Brentwood, California. A practice that Dicky's dad had set up for him.  Determined to make a better life for his wife is infant son, they couple soon bought a beautiful home in Beverly Hills and living the good life with his beautiful wife Ava, and little son Jack.

But when Bobby's first girlfriend tracks him down on the internet and comes back into the picture, now more attractive than ever, the reader knows something unsettling is about to happen. Something terrible does happens and Bobby's life and career quickly spiral out of control.  I don't want to reveal too much about what exactly happens, but trust me, it is a great story.  I will say that the novel begins with Chapter 31, and captured my attention from beginning to end. The story was never confusing and had me anxiously turning pages. Often bizarre and even disturbing, The Human Bobby is fast paced and extremely well done. I'm sorry I waited this long to experience it.

I will definitely be looking forward to more stories from this talented author.


  1. I really loved this book too. I was flying when I read it and I'm pretty sure I got some looks when I gasped at a few parts.

  2. I also loved this book, it is still one of my favorite reads ever.

  3. I loved this one! My book club read it and we were all in shock by so much of the novel. The author called in to our meeting and he was so nice and funny.

  4. I think I would like this one a lot!

  5. I've heard such good things about this one that I've been tempted to read it even though I rarely read thrillers.

  6. It doesn't really begin until chapter 31? That's a long time for it to get going. Plus, I am surprised that you read it for the RIP challenge. I never considered this a thriller when I read about it before. Interesting how different takes can be when it comes to different readers.

  7. I didn't think this was a thriller either, but now I am intrigued. I have to check this one.

  8. How have I missed this one? This is actually my first time so much as hearing about it, and it sounds like I'm going to need to find a copy!

  9. The title of this one threw me off way back when I was offered a review copy so I really didn't give it much of a chance. Now, after reading your thoughts this one will be on a list of books that I will be making time for!!

  10. So glad it worked for you! I thought it was so well done and I was riveted by the story as well. It is a good RIP read … though not an obvious one.

  11. I agree! This was definitely a winning read!

  12. This one has been on my goodreads list forever. Looking forward to getting to it eventually.

  13. Joy, Bookfool, and Kathy (Bermudaonion) all raved about this book. And now you're on the list, so I will have to get off my butt and get a copy of this for 2013. Yes, I'm being realistic. I have far too many books I've decided to read this year, so it will have to wait. But if I get a copy, I can read it in January. Nothing like having a sure winner to kick off the year, don't you think? ;)


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